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Photos app in macOS

Videos No Longer Playing In Photos App In macOS Monterey: Fixed

Apple seems to be using more and more advanced machine learning techniques to analyse your photo library every year. It can now recognise a...
Monterey’s Live Text feature

How To Use macOS Monterey’s Live Text Feature

A picture's text can be copied, shared, translated, and researched with Apple's Live Text function. Selecting a contact's phone number or email address from...
new password manager

How To Use New Password Manager And 2FA Features In macOS Monterey

Due to the increasing frequency of hacking incidents and compromised passwords, it is essential to protect your online accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). Two-factor...
macOS Ventura

macOS Monterey Vs macOS Ventura

Apple's upcoming macOS Ventura won't be made public until later this year, but many of its features have already been made public thanks to...
install macOS Monterey Beta On Your Compatible Mac

How To Install macOS Monterey Beta On Your Compatible Mac

In this guide, we have explained the complete step-by-step procedure to install macOS Monterey Beta On Your Compatible Mac As you might be aware, Apple...

How To Use SharePlay In FaceTime On macOS Monterey

With the new SharePlay feature in MacOS Monterey, a complete FaceTime group can all watch or listen to the same thing. That's excellent if...
Mail on macOS Monterey

Account Deleted From Mail On macOS Monterey : Fixed

On a Mac, Apple Mail files are normally saved in the /Library/Mail/ folder. Many Mac users have encountered or are now facing the issue...
encrypt Files On Mac

Apps not updating after installing macOS Monterey 

In this guide, we have put down all the possible solutions that can help us resolve the Apps not updating after installing the macOS...
Apps for mac 2022

8 Ways To Use The macOS Recovery Tool On Mac

Apple recovery is a handy tool that allows you to perform several functions such as reinstalling the operating system, restoring the backup from the...
Some Great Tips To Customise The Finder On Mac

Activity Monitor Not Working In macOS Monterey? Try These Fixes

If the activity monitor is not working on your Mac which you’ve recently updated to macOS Monterey, then we will help you access your...