Why Peppy Digital Health App Is In News Lately

NewsWhy Peppy Digital Health App Is In News Lately

Peppy, a digital health app, has been making waves in the tech industry lately. The app, launched just a few months ago, has quickly become one of the most popular and talked-about health and wellness apps on the market.

Peppy is a digital health app that provides personalized support to users going through specific life transitions. For instance having a baby, menopause, and fertility. The app connects users with trained clinical practitioners who can provide one-to-one and group support. And can also refer users to other services if needed. Peppy is designed to make it easy for users to access the support they need during these big life transitions. The app also partners with organizations, including businesses and private medical insurers, to give their employees access to remote, specialist support. Peppy’s team of professional practitioners, modern technology, and personalized approach set it apart from other health apps in the market.

Why Peppy Digital Health App Is In News Lately

Addressing The Gap

According to the founder of Peppy, the app is seeing a fundamental change in companies putting menopause policy into line manager training. But these policies do not address individual needs. Peppy is addressing this gap by giving individuals access to nurses and counselors in their programs. So they can be informed and educated on the options available, medical and non-medical, and have the information they need to seek out the right choices for them, try them, and get the support they need over time, as everyone’s health journey evolves.

The tech solution of Peppy allows people to connect with human experts in a personalized and convenient way. People can get child support, video consultations, tailored content, and live sessions on relevant topics. Moreover, they can do it on their own time, in short bursts. Or if they need it, for a 45-minute phone consultation. Peppy is providing a comprehensive solution to support people during menopause in a personalized and convenient way.

Accelerator Support

Peppy, the digital health app that provides personalized support during life transitions, has made significant strides since embarking on an Accelerator program. The company has started three new pilot programs. It has also gained several additional contracts in both the private and public sectors.

Furthermore, Peppy has secured six contracts with the National Health Service (NHS), including six NHS Trusts. These achievements demonstrate the growing popularity and acceptance of Peppy’s unique approach to health and wellness. And its ability to provide valuable support and services to a wide range of individuals and organizations. It’s a great achievement for the company and is a testament to the effectiveness of the app and its approach toward personalized healthcare.

The Additional Support That Boosts Peppy’s Profile

Peppy has received additional support from the NHS Navigator and DigitalHealth.London team. So they have a better understanding of the complex structure and guidelines of the NHS. Also to navigate the different funding streams and terminology. This support has been crucial in allowing Peppy to successfully enter the NHS market and gain contracts with NHS Trusts.

In May 2021, DigitalHealth.London hosted a lunch and learn event on “Menopause in the NHS Workplace.” The event helped raise Peppy’s profile. And generate interest in their menopause service. It was attended by over 90 AHSN and NHS colleagues and directly contributed to multiple incoming queries to the Peppy team.

Peppy’s NHS Navigator has also provided bespoke advice and support in the development of new services. The services focused on men’s health, women’s health, and LGBT+ health, by introducing Peppy to NHS stakeholders and helping them shape and refine these new services to meet the local health and social care needs.

This support has helped Peppy to expand its services and reach a wider audience in the NHS. Overall, Peppy has been able to leverage the support and resources provided by the NHS Navigator and DigitalHealth.London. So they can increase their visibility, expand their services, and better understand the needs of the NHS.

Major Impacts Of the Product

  • The effectiveness of Peppy’s Menopause Service in improving employee well-being and productivity, and the positive impact it can have on the organization. The service allows employees to access the support they need at any time. It also provides them with access to specialists and resources to help them cope with their symptoms. Peppy facilitates open conversations about menopause, which can help reduce stigma. It allows employees to feel more comfortable discussing their health needs.
  • Peppy Baby, a service offered by the digital health app Peppy, was selected as the only provider to support vulnerable new and expectant parents during the Covid-19 crisis as part of the Techforce19 initiative. A feasibility study conducted on the service showed significant improvements in mental well-being for the Peppy cohort. The study found that 48% of users who scored in the range corresponding to ‘possible risk of depression/anxiety’ at the beginning of the study moved into the ‘normal/moderate’ range within just two weeks.
  • Additionally, participants’ breastfeeding rates were higher than local and national rates. Almost 90% of mothers were breastfeeding during the first week and 80% at eight weeks, including almost two-thirds doing so exclusively. A more increased proportion of mothers from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups were breastfeeding compared to White mothers. This highlights the effectiveness of Peppy’s personalized approach. Also the impact it can have on the mental well-being of new and expectant parents during these challenging times.
  • Peppy has been successful in providing users with the opportunity to seek statutory services sooner. Also, assist them with issues that can be addressed faster and more affordably. This represents a potential annual saving of £300m in England.


Peppy, the digital health app, provides personalized support during life transitions. It has seen great success in its partnership with the National Health Service (NHS). Following the success of a pilot study run by the NHS in 2020, six NHS trusts are now funding employee access to Peppy’s menopause support. And with over 450 people set to have access to the service through their employers. The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and the West Middlesex Hospital are also piloting Peppy’s menopause app. It allows staff and their partners to participate in the scheme. Peppy also successfully completed Techforce19 Cohort two, delivering their Peppy Baby service to over 150 parents in Greater Manchester over 12 weeks.

These achievements demonstrate the growing popularity and acceptance of Peppy’s unique approach to health and wellness. And its ability to provide valuable support and services to a wide range of individuals and organizations, particularly within the NHS.

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