10 Factors To Consider While Making A Video

TechTips & Tricks10 Factors To Consider While Making A Video

This is the decade of the Social Media and Content revolution. The whole decade is responsible for a significant evolution in terms of consumer behaviors and content consumption. Online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2022, according to Cisco. We are gradually seeing the shifts in terms of economy, social media careers, and markets for video creators. There is clearly a boom in the video world right now of all sorts. So If you are looking to headstart your video creation journey, here are 10 factors to consider while making a video for content consumption.

1. Planning the Video Draft

To make a video distinguish from others, a variety of things are at play. Unbelievably, they largely depend on how well you planned your video before you actually made it. You must realize that it takes more than just pressing the record button to make a video. There are numerous components in planning your video beforehand.

Firstly, get your intentions right. Set the goals and aim for the video clearly. Then it will be easy for you to identify your audience domain and execute accordingly. You can choose the right video format and go finish your script. This might be the most predominant one out of the 10 factors to consider while making a video. The aim, Analyze, Plan, Prepare, Execute, and publish – that should be your workflow streamline procedure while making any video of any format.

Decide on the type of video you’ll produce. This will have a direct effect on the mood and aesthetic of your video. It’s crucial to keep in mind that some video styles work better for formal and professional videos while others work better for casual ones. Choose a video type that matches the tone of your material.

2. Ensure Proper Lighting

10 Factors To Consider While Making A Video

One of the best light sources for video is the sun. Try your best to capture your footage in the morning or the evening when the light is softer if you’re recording with natural light. Aim for the golden hours for beautiful aesthetics. Take care of harsh shadows or overcast climates in the locations. Even if your video is fantastic in every other aspect, it will probably look unprofessional if you don’t employ enough well-placed light. Make lighting one of your main focuses when filming because it has a significant impact on the final product’s quality.

3. Choice of Camera

10 Factors To Consider While Making A Video


The most important tool in the scenario is the camera that you are going to use. You can obviously go choose a professional camera and try out different advanced features,  lenses, and settings. This will ensure that you don’t look back on the video quality. However, this totally depends from person to person. Even a normal smartphone camera is sufficiently compatible with a DSLR quality these days. So all you have to do is make sure the quality is not too disturbing.

4. A Clear Background
10 Factors To Consider While Making A Video

When filming, choose your background carefully. A cluttered or noisy background is the single biggest professional turnoff. Utilizing a background that is one solid color is a simple method to give your film a professional appearance. You can use a backdrop or prop. Another smart move is to film a video in a setting that exudes professionalism.

5. Quality of Audio

A built-in microphone on your camera is never going to be good enough to stand in for an actual external audio recorder. Use any microphone other than the one built into your camera to record sounds from your subject. Choose a type that suits your purpose and consider this a good investment for any content creator. Ensuring decent audio quality is an important key in the 10 factors to consider while making a video. This is also due to the rise of podcasts and audio platforms, along with video. Most people will quickly hit the “back” button when a video begins playing if the audio is noisy or unclear. Always make sure to prioritize clear, crisp, and decent audio in your videos.

6. A Great Video Editing Software


There are numerous alternatives for video editing software, both free and premium. You may create amazing videos from your raw material with the aid of good video editing tools. You’ll be able to stitch your videos together in a way that’s simple for the audience to comprehend, add transitions, color grade them, and add titles, subtitles, intros, and outros.

7. Say NO to Shaky Footage

Once your camera is set up, try to avoid moving it unless absolutely necessary. Any successful top video must have stabilized footage. Because shaky footage strains your audience’s eyes in addition to making you look unprofessional. You can use the stabilizing features that cameras have built-in while you’re filming. When the subject is motionless, tripods handle the work.

8. Apply Video Compositions

There are several video composing rules and methods one must implement to ensure that the video is technically or mathematically right and beautiful. This makes the default aesthetics to be eye appealing to the watchers. The Rule of thirds or The Golden Ratio is a famous instance of this. Composition refers to how you decide to frame your subject in the next video you’re going to record.

9. Camera Presence and Comfort

While some people may be inherently comfortable in front of the camera, others need to learn how to regulate their emotions so they don’t appear uneasy or apprehensive. You’ll become more comfortable in front of the camera as you make more and more movies, and your camera presence will eventually grow better. The way you present yourself on camera has a significant impact on how professional your material appears if you appear in your professional films. A tense, fidgety, or uneasy appearance on camera will draw attention away from your message.

10. Video Marketing and Promotions

When you first start out, it’s acceptable to not have many views or audience interactions. Everyone must start somewhere, and some channels naturally have more widespread appeal than others, giving them a competitive edge in attracting new viewers. Promote your films and expand your audience if you want to come off as a serious and professional video creator. You can share your movies on several channels, depending on your objectives and target audience. Get the most out of social networking and leverage the power of Social media platforms. These enable you to be a professional Influencer in terms of branding, content, and quality. You can also leverage emails, groups, and forums.

Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely too heavily on buying the greatest equipment before shooting your clips. Each creator must go through this cycle, and as you get better with fewer resources and gear, you’ll be that good of a creator when you have the appropriate equipment. By using the fundamental principles mentioned, you can drastically improve the quality of your forthcoming videos.

As discussed, videos are powerful and versatile media tools and they are the most accessed and popular content types. One should make use of these factors and start ahead with creating quality videos for the audience, and make their thriving content creation trajectory.

What are you still waiting for? Take out your equipment and begin filming your video. Make sure to utilize the above-mentioned 10 factors to consider while making a video.

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