10 Reasons You Should Use Apple AirTag

TechTips & Tricks10 Reasons You Should Use Apple AirTag

Imagine you were in the gym, trying to complete your workout as fast as possible so that you can reach your office on time. In the hurry of reaching your office soon, you later realize that you forgot your wallet in the gym. Oops! You need to travel back all the way again, and then search the whole gym, not knowing where it was misplaced. You waste a lot of your time and energy. However, there’s one solution to situations like this. Yup! It’s Apple AirTag! Wondering whether you should buy one? Here, we will look at 10 reasons to use Apple AirTag.

AirTag. As the name suggests, it can be used to tag your stuff easily. All you have to do is attach your AirTag to your wallet, keys, bags, important items or stuff that you would often forget, or something that’s easy to lose. Here are some of the most important top 10 reasons to use Apple AirTag in your daily carry.

AirTag in the wallet - apple.com
AirTag in the wallet – apple.com
1. Location Tracker

Just attach your AirTag to your AirPods, wallets, etc; and track them seamlessly. Not only limited to things, but you could attach them to your dogs, cats, and other pets so that they don’t lose their way. They can always be tracked instantly. You could also leave it in your kid’s bicycle basket if they’re riding through an isolated area, and you can ensure they are safe and sound.

2. Can be used Underwater

Apple AirTag is an IP67 rated for water resistance. It would continue to function at a maximum depth of one meter (about 3 feet) for up to 30 minutes. So, you could track them underwater too.

3. Luggage locator

Just attach your AirTag to your luggage bags and trolleys so that you can locate them easily. If you are someone who forgets or misplaces things, like forgetting the bags on metro trains, airports, bus stops, etc; you can use this to locate and find the bags back easily.

4. Single Apple ID – Multiple AirTags

Any given single Apple ID can have a maximum of 16 AirTags, all of which can be used at the same time. So, if you are a clumsy person, you have found your paradise. Use multiple AirTags for different objects and things that are valuable or can be easily forgotten. And the best part is that all of them would represent your ownership and identity, without any problems.

5. The AirTag Sound

Your AirTag can ring or make noise whenever there’s a necessity. Just go to Find My App, click the items tab, choose the AirTag you want to find, and select Play Sound. This enables you to find your lost AirTags or attached objects easily.

AirTag sound Image - from apple.com
AirTag sound Image – from apple.com
6. AirTags are easily Rechargeable

A replaceable battery powers the Apple AirTag. These are long-lasting and tend to last for about a year before you would need to replace or recharge the battery. Hence it makes AirTags durable and efficient.

7. AirTags come with Anti-Stalking capability now

On the latest AirTags, the newer versions enable you to be aware if anyone’s using this to follow you or stalk you. You can look up the notification that pops up on your iPhone when you keep an unknown AirTag near it. No one has a right to stalk anybody and misuse the technology in the wrong way. Apple AirTag ensures this with the latest updates in versions.

8. Privacy

Apple AirTag is end-to-end encrypted.  All the details are encrypted in the system. The details include your location history, last seen status, and others. Secured access is ensured to all of this data or details. This ensures Privacy like all Apple Products do.

9. Personalization

Want to personalize and represent your AirTag in a unique way? Just personalize it when you are buying it from the Apple Store. You can personalize it by adding initials, emojis, etc;

This gives it a brand-new look and a unique identity of ownership. Apple aims to deliver quality and also aesthetics through its products.

10. Ultra-wide Band & Precision finding Technology

The latest AirTags come with updated features, precision location tracking, and many other features, with Apple’s ultra-wideband (UWB) as well. You can precisely track the location of the lost/misplaced or stolen item literally anywhere. Using ultra-wideband, an AirTag can avoid noisy signals that keep interfering with its broadcast. This ensures seamless data transmission for precise location tracking. Also, precision finding facilitates you to find the AirTag’s location at pinpoint accuracy through directions and distances.

These are the top 10 reasons to use Apple AirTag. So go get an apple AirTag right away and put it to the most efficient use. Never misplace a thing and never lose track of anything, ever!

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