15 Most Downloaded Apps In 2022

News15 Most Downloaded Apps In 2022

In this post, we are presenting the list of the most downloaded apps of 2022 so far.

Frankly speaking, Smartphones are useless without apps in them, and we cannot imagine our lives without social networking and productivity apps. There are tons of apps on the Google Play Store, and not all of them are popular enough. On the other hand, there are some apps we cannot imagine living without. These are the ones that lead the charts of the most downloaded apps. Some of these apps may belong to the social networking or entertainment category, while others may be a productivity apps required for workplace communication.

Whatever the reason for the popularity, today, we’ve decided to list down the most downloaded apps of 2022 so far. So, let’s get rolling!

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15 most downloaded apps in 2022

1# Instagram

The list is topped by Instagram, which has rapidly gained popularity ever since Facebook acquired it in 2012. Under the parent company Meta, it is the leading app leaving behind its two brothers- Facebook and WhatsApp. Instagram is highly popular, and 130 million downloads on Google Play Store are living proof of it. Interestingly, Instagram has better ratings than its two brothers, and this photo and video-sharing social networking platform enjoy massive popularity in the Gen Z and Millennials world. Instagram is a thriving place for influencers because of its unique features like Reels, IGTV, Instagram Lives, and Stories.

2# Facebook

Launched in 2004, Facebook is one of the first social media platforms to catch the attention of users and is still one of the most popular apps in the world. Under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is constantly striving to be the most reliable social media platform for people to stay connected with their loved ones. With over 125M downloads on Google Play Store, it is right behind Instagram, its fellow app under Meta. Facebook Advertising and Facebook Marketplace are the two features that distinguish the platform from its competitors.

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15 most downloaded apps in 2022

3# TikTok

This one is obvious as TikTok is the most popular app in the entertainment category since last year, and there are no chances of its abating. Until now, there have been more than 120 million downloads of the app worldwide. Previously, the apps appealed only to Gen Z but Pandemic was the reason, why TikTok suddenly gained popularity. TikTok became the most preferable source of entertainment, and there are no signs of retreat. TikTok’s algorithm has also played a key role in providing users with the videos they are interested in, making the app highly irresistible.

4# Shopee

This might surprise many of you, but it’s true that Shopee bags fourth place on the countdown. Owned by a Singaporean multinational technology company, Shoppe is a leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. The shopping apps deliver a fun and hassle-free online shopping experience to millions of users worldwide. Founded by Forrest Li, the Shoppe app was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and it rapidly gained popularity. Shopee boasts of selling the products at the lowest price possible, and as a result, it has been downloaded over 100 million times in the first quarter of 2022.


most downloaded apps

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5# WhatsApp

Another one owned by Meta, WhatsApp is the most downloaded app under the Messaging category. WhatsApp has been downloaded over 85M times until now and has almost 3 billion registered numbers. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp enjoys widespread popularity and is considered synonymous with the native messaging app of your smartphone. The clean and user-friendly interface is the reason why users of all age groups use WhatsApp to stay in touch with its contacts. WhatsApp is constantly improving the platform for users, and the latest WhatsApp marketing feature has opened its doors for companies to advertise their products.

6# Telegram

WhatsApp recently suffered a backslash due to its controversial privacy popularity, and this crisis resulted in the popularity of other messaging platforms. Telegram is one such messaging app, and is right behind its rival WhatsApp with 83M downloads in 2022. Owned by Pavel Durov, Telegram is a free messaging app but has a stricter privacy policy than WhatsApp. Similar to WhatsApp, it can be used to share photos, videos, text messages, and files of different formats. Telegram allows you to create groups with over 200,000 members making it a highly preferred platform for large businesses and organizations to reach large audiences.

7# SnapChat

With over 80M downloads, SnapChat is giving tough competition to Telegram for sixth place. Just like Instagram, it belongs to the Photo and Video category and attracts the demographic under the age of 35. SnapChat is highly popular in the United States, and people use this app for entertainment and business purposes. It is also a marketing platform, and you can quickly create ads using the Instant Create feature. You can also choose the location and other demographics to ensure the ad is seen by the target audience.

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most downloaded apps

8# Messenger

Messenger is another instant messaging platform and bags the seventh position amongst the most downloaded apps of 2022. It is the fourth most downloaded app amongst the ones owned by Meta and a favorite app on the Play Store. In the United States, Messenger is more preferred than WhatsApp, and over 184 million users are registered from the United States. This messaging service appeals to people aged between 25 to 34 years and they constitute over 23.8 percent of the total users.

9# WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a variant of WhatsApp, an instant messaging app by Meta. Released in 2008, WhatsApp Business is designed to help businesses communicate with their customers and has been downloaded 64 Million times on Google Play Store. Its business-specific features, such as business profile, catalog, and others, facilitate more professional communication and boost business growth. WhatsApp Business is very popular in India and has been downloaded 29 million times during the first quarter of 2022. WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and boost your business.

10# Spotify

Spotify is the first app from the Music category to make on this countdown. Launched in early 2019, This sophisticated audio streaming and podcasting app saw an influx of users during the COVID-19 era. You’ll be surprised to know that the Spotify app could not reach the top 20 list in 2021 but bags the 10th spot in 2022 with 62 Million downloads so far. Spotify has 350 million monthly users, and 160 million users have subscribed to its premium version. Thanks to the brilliant marketing strategy of Spotify, the number has shot up from 130 million last month.

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15 most downloaded apps in 2022

11# CapCut

The eleventh position is bagged by CapCut, another app in the Photos and Videos Category. However, there is a difference between CapCut and other Photo and Video apps on this list. CapCut is a very popular Video Editor that lets you edit videos in several ways. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, and other elements of the videos and even add effects to them. This versatile and feature-packed video editor is considered the official Video Editor for TikTok and is immensely popular for this reason. As of now, CapCut has been downloaded 60 million times.

12# Meesho

Meesho is the first app in the e-commerce category to find a place on the list. Based out of Bangalore, India, Meesho is a social commerce platform that performs retail distribution and helps small retail sellers connect with buyers and sell their products. The platform strives to provide a marketplace for sellers where it is possible to start a selling business with any investment. Google Play Store registered almost 55 million downloads of the app.

13# Zoom

Before the pandemic, Zoom was hardly known to people, but during the lockdown, Zoom became a buzzword. It was used almost everywhere, from the workplace to connect with the team members during work from home and at home to video call loved ones. The Zoom app, along with other video calling apps, reached the peak of success during the COVID 19 period. In April 2020, Zoom witnessed 300 million daily users. The popularity of Zoom is still not declining and has been downloaded 50 million times from the Play Store.

most downloaded apps

14# MaSpeed

MaSpeed is a free proxy app for Android smartphones that occupies the 14th position on the list of the most downloaded apps in 2022. MaSpeed offers superfast internet with unlimited bandwidth.

Users prefer MaSpeed for its features and are the most popular proxy app on Google Play Store. You can use this feature-packed proxy site to stream videos and movies, access public Wi-Fi in a secured manner, and protect your online privacy. This app is extremely useful and has been downloaded 40 million times from the Play Store.

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15# StarMaker

StartMaker is the last mention on the list of the most downloaded apps in 2022 so far. StartMaker is a karaoke and entertainment app that allows you to sing in multiplayer and become the talk of the town. StartMaker was launched in November 2013 and this recreational community has collected more than 50 million users on a global level. The StarMaker app also gained the limelight in the COVID era when people were looking for a medium of entertainment. StartMakar is so popular now that the app has been downloaded 40 million times in the current year so far.

most downloaded apps

Final Thoughts

So we’ve reached the end of our roundup of the most downloaded apps of 2022. Some of these apps on the countdown were completely unknown to me, while others were obvious ones. Let’s see how the number of app downloads will progress in the latter half of the year!

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