5 Basic Tips To Get Better On Apex Legends

Games5 Basic Tips To Get Better On Apex Legends

I recently got back to playing Apex Legends, and it was a ton of fun being around and playing with my friends. Though as soon as I started solo queueing, some teammates still had no clue what to do in the middle of the game. So I was like, “Maybe I can create a quick tip guide for getting better in this game.

Why I am writing about this legend game? First, I was once a high-rank player in most FPS games. I reached Legendary Eagle in Counter Strike Global Offensive and Diamond in many games, including Apex Legends. Just Diamond? That is far from Predator. Well, even though I could only reach Diamond, It was because I did not have enough time to play the game since I balanced academics and work. I was still able to play together with my master’s friends and even able to win a round in a tournament.

I am more familiar with the movement, but let us split those advanced movements for further new articles I will publish here. For today, let me introduce the fundamentals (that many people seem to forget) that will allow you to solidify your gameplay on Apex Legends.

Let’s start with the things that you should get down immediately. These tips that I would mention would allow you to be separated from those who are entirely new to the game and even allow you to reach ranks up to even Diamond.

Where can you practice?

You can practice on real games or download R5 Apex Legends Reloaded. A modern modded version of Apex Legends allows you to load in the Apex Legends map offline, which means there will be no other players. However, to keep this article simple. I would ask you to head over to the firing range. To do that, please follow the screenshots below.

#1. Develop Your Aim.

Of course, the first thing I suggest in a guide about getting better at a video game is you learn about your Aim. You may have come from a different game and have the basics of aiming or are good at aiming at a particular game. That does not mean you are already an expert in Aiming or Shooting here at Apex Legends.

Aiming in this game is easy. Especially when you properly know how to. However, there are spray patterns per different gun in this game. The main thought is to pull down. The best way here is to practice over the firing range.

I am spraying with a sample of recoil control.

Once you hop into the firing range, please choose a gun that you are comfortable with.

Visit https://apexlegends.fandom.com/wiki/ Weapon to learn more about the current guns available at apex legends.

Personally, for beginners, I suggest trying the R-301 Carbine. A primary gun with minimal recoil control is needed. Wingman, if you have insane aims on other shooting games. Eva-8 Auto or Mastiff Shotgun is for essential point-and-shoot. SMGs in this game, such as the R-99, C.A.R SMG, and Volt SMG. They are great for close-quarter combat but hard to control when aiming for a medium-distant enemy.

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#2. Movement.

There are multiple different mechanics in moving Apex Legends. Movements such as super glide, mantle jump, and wall jump. Though, in reality, these may only be useful in specific scenarios. Only some of the time, you would need to do this flashy movement. What you need to get up in your fundamentals would be proper slide usage, when to jump, walk, and even strafe. These are the basics. Believe it or not, many people still need to have these fundamentals down and are trying to perform advanced movements. Again, this essential movement tech would be the one that can win you most fights.

apex legends
I am performing a wall bounce.

Learn when to:

  • Holster your weapon.
  • Proper Slide Timing.
  • Proper pulling out of the gun.
  • When to slide jump.
  • Move to control the recoil of the weapon
  • Move and not stay still while fighting.

Again to sum it all up. Movement, like when to slide while moving and moving left to right to control your weapon spray with a combination of the tips over at the Aiming section and jumping off ziplines and holstering your weapon.

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#3. Know your role.

This is a team game. It only matters how good you are if you know your role in the team. You are going to fail to win. If you have your movements and aim to the best level, you can clutch some 1v3s, but this is a team game. If you know your role, you can adapt how they want you to play how you play. This game also has different classes, allowing you to perform other actions according to your team’s plan.

apex legends
Different possible classes and according to roles.

A shorter one would be. Learn what you are and what your team is capable of. Different styles mixed with Different legends would require you to learn your team composition and tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions-

What are the best movement legends in Apex Legends.

10 Most Popular Video Games To Try In 2023

1. Wraith
2. Pathfinder
3. Octane

Is Apex Legends Free?

Apex Legends

Yes. Apex Legends is all free to play, and there are no items that you can buy with real currency that will elevate your gameplay. All buyable things in the game are cosmetic and do not grant you additional buff.

#4. Communicate.

Speaking of team plans. You would have to be communicating well. Having a team in this game will allow you to perform more intricate or advanced tactics to help you win. It does not matter if you do have a microphone or whatnot. Make sure to have headphones that you can hear with. You can use the chat in-game to do callouts. You can even ping in this game. Using the ping wheel, you can: tell them there were enemies, nearby enemies, you are going over somewhere, or there are specific loots in this area.

A sample of ping communication.

It would be best if you constantly pinged for:

  • Found loot.
  • Where you are going.
  • If you see something.
  • If there are enemies.
  • If you saw open doors/loot bins.

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#5. Adapt.

There are multiple ways to stay in the game and stay alive. The biggest thing after getting down is your mechanical fundamentals, such as aiming and movement. Also, knowing how to communicate with your team requires a game sense. Alen, what is game sense? Well, depending on the game, for this case Apex Legends. Adapting means multiple things. I am adjusting where you are spaced out on the map. Adapting if you have high shields but are broken mid-fight, it is still better to shield swap on a lower armor as long as it has shields up.

I adapted to the guns I had when I landed.

You have to learn how to adapt. You may have your “favorite” optimal weapons that you might want to use. Though, as soon as you drop in the map. It is all battle from there. So pick the best loot that you can find in your dropping area, but you always have to use what you have. It is not an excuse to say, “I do not usually use this gun. That is why I played badly”. No, that is not an excuse. Adapt.

Adapt for:

  • Use whatever you get off spawn.
  • Swap armor for convenience.
  • Your Game Sense.
  • Your Team.
  • Your Area.

Honestly, one of my suggestions for new players would be to watch professional players on youtube how they play tournaments with their team. The way they call out, the loadout they use. The mechanics they use. The communication and the different ways they adapt to the playing field.

Don’t forget to watch the video for more clarity, hope you like the article and video. Share your valuable comments and ideas in the comment section below.

Alen Avila
Alen Avila
Alen Avila is a tech enthusiast and a final-year student of computer engineering. With a deep passion for all things tech, Alen has been actively involved in various technical projects, including coding, circuit design, and system optimization. As a part-time Support Engineer, Alen has gained practical experience in troubleshooting and resolving complex technical issues.
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