Outbreak The Fedora Files: What Lydia Knows – A Thrilling Visual Novel and Rogue-like RPG Bundle Arrives on Xbox

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In an exciting announcement from Microsoft’s Xbox Wire, Dead Drop Studios LLC has unveiled the release of “Outbreak The Fedora Files: What Lydia Knows,” a unique two-game pack that combines a gripping visual novel and a rogue-like RPG experience set in the Outbreak universe. Let’s dive into the details of this highly anticipated release.


Dead Drop Studios, known for its survival horror gameplay in the Outbreak series, has taken a bold step by introducing their first-ever visual novel alongside a rogue-like RPG. This pivot allows the studio to explore the compelling world of horror through a character-driven narrative lens, offering players a deeper immersion into the Outbreak universe.

The Visual Novel Experience: What Lydia Knows

At the heart of this release is “What Lydia Knows,” a canon prequel to the upcoming “Outbreak: Shades of Horror.” In this interactive visual novel, players step into the shoes of Detective Lydia Daniels, a passionate and empowered female lead on a desperate mission to solve the mystery behind her partner’s disappearance.

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With a staggering 24 different endings to discover, the story branches out in multiple directions based on the choices players make throughout the investigation. From prioritizing different aspects of the case to interacting with a diverse cast of shady characters, every decision shapes Lydia’s fate, leading to vastly different outcomes.

Immersive Gameplay and Mini-games

Beyond the captivating narrative, “What Lydia Knows” takes full advantage of the interactive nature of video games. Players will encounter mini-games and puzzles that must be solved to progress, further enhancing the level of engagement and immersion.

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The Rogue-like RPG: Outbreak RPG

Complementing the visual novel is “Outbreak RPG,” a rogue-like, turn-based RPG that offers a unique perspective on the Outbreak series’ survival horror gameplay. In this cerebral adventure, players must strategically manage a four-character party, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, to navigate the treacherous zombie-infested city of Cypress Ridge.

Every playthrough promises a fresh challenge, as players encounter random battles, resource management dilemmas, and life-or-death decisions that shape the outcome of their quest. With four difficulty settings to choose from, “Outbreak RPG” promises a replayable experience that tests players’ strategic prowess and decision-making skills.

Bonus Features and Unlockables

As if the two distinct games weren’t enough, “What Lydia Knows” offers a wealth of bonus features and unlockables to keep players engaged. The Scene Studio allows players to create and save their own custom scenes using characters and locations from Lydia’s adventure. Additionally, players can unlock music tracks from the Outbreak series, behind-the-scenes concept art, and even a preview of the next episode by discovering more endings.

A Unique Horror Experience

Dead Drop Studios’ decision to explore the horror genre through a visual novel format and a rogue-like RPG is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering fresh experiences to fans. By combining character-driven drama with tense gameplay mechanics, “Outbreak The Fedora Files: What Lydia Knows” promises to captivate players and leave a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

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Availability and Pre-order Bonus

“Outbreak The Fedora Files: What Lydia Knows” launches for Xbox Series X|S. Pre-orders begin on May 10th, with a 20% discount available for both pre-orders and purchases made during the launch window. This two-game pack invites players to immerse themselves in the seedy city of Cypress Ridge and unravel the latest mystery in the Outbreak universe.


With “Outbreak The Fedora Files: What Lydia Knows,” Dead Drop Studios has delivered a unique and compelling experience that seamlessly blends narrative depth with engaging gameplay mechanics. Whether you’re a fan of visual novels, RPGs, or the Outbreak series, this release promises to offer something truly special for players seeking a fresh and immersive horror experience on their Xbox consoles.

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