Grounded: 8 Beginner Tips To Survive The Game

GamesGrounded: 8 Beginner Tips To Survive The Game

Before its full release on Xbox and PC, Grounded spent years in early entry, gradually adding a new scope. Since the game has been around for such a long time, many people have played it, taking on the roles of its minor protagonists and exploring the vast, dangerous open world.

The game’s official release contains a lot of new ranges worth playing again for, including new story beats, opponents, and craftable items. A list of helpful beginner tips can be very beneficial to survive, especially for a game as intimidating as Grounded, so here it is!

So, buckle up!

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Upgrade Your Armor And Weapons

Players must emphasize creating and upgrading better weapons and armor because they’ll need them when facing more formidable opponents. Beginners will probably find clover armor first, but as they research more, they will soon find grub, ant, and acorn clothing for more excellent protection.

Many players prefer to use a bow to sling thistle needle arrows at powerful opponents from a distance, like spiders. When fireflies take off, players can also throw their axe or hammer to defeat an opponent. Whichever weapons are chosen, it is best to keep them in excellent shape and prepared for combat.


Investigate And Analyze To Advance

Finding and analyzing objects is the secret to moving forward and unlocking new recipes in Grounded. Players must brave the wilderness, extend their reach to source, and explore better materials, which is all part of the fun, even though it’s best to avoid certain areas at first.

It’s a good idea to visit a Resource Analyzer frequently to level up and unlock new crafting recipes after a lengthy exploration session. It’s a great time to restock your supplies, make new things, and get some rest before your next big adventure.

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Discover A Good Location For A Base

The highest level of safety in Grounded is creating a base. While bugs and insects occasionally cause you trouble, having walls around you allows for more focused crafting and advancement. It’s crucial to discover a suitable location for a permanent base. In the long run, it will be much easier to live somewhere close to a reliable source of food and water.

The ability to fully construct the base of one’s dreams is another benefit of having flat land to build on. The ease with which insects and other bugs can access the base is another crucial consideration for players. Therefore, a high platform is ideal for a construction base because it keeps enemies far away and hard to reach.

Discover Field Stations

Some of the most significant elements scattered throughout the backyard are Field Stations. These can be found in various places, some obvious and others concealed and challenging to access. Players will advance the plot by finding these and gaining other benefits.

Analyzers and other helpful equipment are typically found in Field Stations, which players can use to their advantage. Players may also find clues to advance the story in some of the bigger complexes in the backyard. However, many Field Stations are defended by dreadful foes, so players should exercise caution.

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Create A Lean-To

Surviving the night is the first significant challenge players in Grounded will encounter. This cannot be very comforting on the first playthrough, but it’s a simple challenge to get beyond. When it comes to sleeping all night, there are several possibilities.

For the first night, players must speedrun to a lean-to. Later in the game, investing in more substantial resting arrangements is excellent. Players can sleep all night long in the lean-to, which also serves as their spawn spot in the event of sudden death. Players don’t have to worry about placing it at a permanent base because it is so inexpensive to construct; they can always build another later.

Watch the levels of food and water

In the survival game Grounded, collecting food and water comes first. While it could seem enticing, using unclean water will swiftly lower the player’s character’s health and is only recommended in dire situations.

The juice box and the mushrooms that grow close to the Mysterious Machine are the most accessible sources. Please keep your eyes peeled for water droplets hanging on the grass.

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Utilize the Map

Everything in Grounded is enormous, initially making navigating it confusing and challenging to understand. Making strategic use of the Map in the game’s menu is the best way to get around this.

Players can set personal waypoints on the Map that can be shared with other teammates who are also playing in the same world, which will help them keep track of noteworthy landmarks. This is very helpful for coordination and communication, but it also comes in handy when playing alone because remembering locations gets harder and harder as you explore.

Leave ladybugs and ants alone

It’s best to initially ignore ladybirds and ants because they are other bugs that can cause issues for players. It’s best to avoid getting into a fight because ladybirds are challenging to defeat with weapons of lower quality.


Ever since its release, Grounded has been creating a buzz amongst professional gamers. The tips outlined above will help you master the game and compete with your friends in no time.

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