5 Google AI-powered tools to help you Explore Nature Smarter

AI5 Google AI-powered tools to help you Explore Nature Smarter

Are you ready to embrace the great outdoors with a little help from technology? Google’s suite of AI-powered tools offers a modern twist to your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast eager to identify local flora, or an explorer looking for new trails, Google provides innovative solutions to enhance your outdoor experiences. This guide delves into several Google features designed to enrich your interactions with nature, from plant identification with Google Lens to planning your next hike with Google Maps.

1. Explore Gardening with Google Lens

Google Lens harnesses the power of AI to allow image-based searches, making it a fantastic tool for gardeners and nature lovers. When you encounter a plant or flower during your walks, simply snap a photo with Google Lens to learn its name, care instructions, and more. Even if you’re not well-versed in botany, this tool adds an educational twist to your outings. To use it, just open the Google app, hit the Lens icon in the search bar, and select “Search with your camera” or choose a photo from your gallery.Lens also supports multisearch, combining photos with questions for richer results. For instance, if you’re curious about whether a certain plant is right for your garden’s conditions, just take a picture, ask your question, and discover new, suitable plants like hydrangeas for shady areas.

Red Ginger plant identification interface example using Google lens.

2. Plan Ahead with Google Maps’ Immersive View

Planning to visit a new locale? Activate Google Maps’ Immersive View for a virtual look at the destination, combining Street View and aerial shots for a comprehensive preview. This helps in planning your outdoor activities by checking the weather changes with the weather slider. Immersive View is available in major cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, and New York.For cyclists, Google Maps provides tailored biking directions in numerous cities, detailing elevation, road types, and possible obstructions, ensuring a smoother ride.

3. Check Air Quality on Google Maps

The enjoyment of outdoor activities can depend heavily on air quality. Google Maps’ air quality index (AQI) layer offers real-time data on environmental conditions, accessible by selecting the “layers” option in the app. This feature helps you choose the best times and places for your outdoor adventures.

Europe air quality index heatmap.
Source: Google News

4. Improve Outdoor Calls with Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro enhances outdoor phone calls with its Clear Calling technology. By minimizing background noise and boosting the caller’s voice, these AI-powered earbuds ensure clearer communication. They also feature Conversation Detection, pausing your music when you start talking and resuming playback when the conversation ends, perfect for uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment.

5. Get Creative with Outdoor Ideas from Gemini

Looking for fresh outdoor activity ideas? Ask Gemini, Google’s creative assistant, for suggestions like drafting a comparison chart of outdoor activities, designing a workout plan for your local park or organizing a community picnic.

Conclusion: Google’s AI tools significantly upgrade your time outdoors. Whether it’s identifying new plants, planning your travel, monitoring air quality, enhancing communications, or generating new activity ideas, these tools are designed to help you get the most out of nature. Next time you step outside, remember to take Google along for a smarter, more enjoyable adventure.

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