Apple iPhone 13 might come with wireless charging upgrades

GadgetsiPhonesApple iPhone 13 might come with wireless charging upgrades

The iPhone 12 continues to sell hot in market, rumors about the future iPhone have already surfaced. Apple is reportedly planning to launch its upcoming iPhone 13 series by mid-September 2021. There are rumors all around stating that Apple iPhone 13 might come with wireless charging upgrades which not only yield improved heat management and higher wattage but also making the way towards reverse wireless charging.

Some Facts about “iPhone 13”

  • After making significant changes in design and functionality in iPhone 12, the “iPhone 13” is expected to be unchanged. Because if we look into its history, iPhone upgrades happen in a tick-tock pattern. And this year is likely to be a minor-update year focused on specs and reliability.
  • Apple launched four iPhone models in 2020, and analysts predict that the 2021 assortment will be the same. Despite the fact that the iPhone 12 mini is the least popular model among rest, it will be updated.

Wireless Charging Upgrades in iPhone 13

The “iPhone 13” might bring all of us an unexpected change that will affect day-to-day use. Apple can do anything from removing the Lightning port in favor of wireless charging to adding yet another camera for improved optical zoom. Apple’s iPhone 13 series may contain a significantly large wireless charging coil, which will not only increase heat management and wattage, but might also pave the road for reverse wireless charging. Apple intends to enhance the surface area where wireless charging can be induced by making the hardware wireless charging coil in this forthcoming iPhone larger.

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Apple included MagSafe

  • For charging and attaching accessories, Apple included MagSafe to the iPhone 12 series. It supports 15W charging but not data transmission. MagSafe will likely take over the duty of the port if Apple actually wants to go port-less in the future.
  • Features like CarPlay and syncing to a Mac would still be viable if MagSafe in the “iPhone 13” can handle data and charging.
  • MagSafe’s return to MacBooks has also been rumoured. For iPhone and Mac, magnetic charging connectors that can handle data would be ideal. The 24-inch iMac features a built-in magnetic power connector with Ethernet, although it’s hefty and not regarded a “MagSafe” port on its own.
  • Users may be able to restore their iPhones from a Mac utilizing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth recovery modes. Apple might even install an unique pogo-pad connection for support teams within the SIM card tray. For an iPhone without a port, these solutions would be required.

Are you excited to see what is going to change with iPhone 13 series ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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