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Priyanka is an avid reader and tech enthusiast who believe that writing is an art that speaks from the heart.
12 Shows That You Can't Miss On Apple TV Plus

How To Add And Rearrange Apps On Apple TV

The Apple TV offers plenty of third-party apps and games to play via its App Store. In addition to this Apple Tv comes with...
Battery Report In Windows 11

How To Generate Battery Report In Windows 11

The most common type of batteries used nowadays in mobiles and including top branded laptops and tablets are Lithium-ion batteries. They have a high...
Background sounds on iPhone

How To Clear Cookies On iPhone 13

Cookies are the small files on the websites. These are designed to save login information, based on personal preference and deliver the most relevant...
How To Change PowerShell Script Execution Policy In Windows 11

How To Add And Remove Favorites In File Explorer Home In Windows 11

Favorites are located at the top of the Navigation Pane. However, it contains shortcuts to the folders such as your Inbox, Sent Items, and...
Mouse scrolling settings in windows 11

How To Alter Windows 11 Mouse Scrolling Preferences

If the mouse wheel is not working properly, Windows 11 will allow you to set your scrolling preference.On Windows 11, the mouse scrolling behavior...