How To Join Netflix Watch Party Using Teleparty

EntertainmentHow To Join Netflix Watch Party Using Teleparty

In our generation where everything is digitalized and the things we do in person are recreated through platforms such as playing games, even board games are all done online. Watching movies or TV Series are a thing we love doing, especially ever since the pandemic hits and people were all forced to stay in the comforts of their home, we have been indulging more in the trope of getting popcorn or snacks; watching the living room on a massive TV with your family or friends, and just pure relaxing. Over the course of the pandemic, the television streaming platform Netflix blooms too because people find ways to entertain themselves or get themselves to watch some good stuff.

But since the distancing has begun in the last years, watching movies together or having a watch party became bland, and all were made online. Now, even though the world is healing and the curve is flattening, the trope of having to watch with your family or friends online is still becoming a thing, especially if you are away with the people you want to watch with. But, now, you need to say less no more as Teleparty is here to cover your online watch party trope. If you are curious about how to have a watch party on Netflix, then you might want to dive deeper into this article.

Teleparty or formerly known as Netflix Party is an extension program you can download on your browser (chrome or Microsoft edge) in order to watch Netflix movies or series with your friends and families, online. Its developers change its name to Teleparty because the extension program now also supports other television streaming platforms like Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and even Youtube. Now, since Netflix was the first television streaming platform it supported, here’s how it works.

How to use Teleparty?

In order to watch together with loved ones, follow these steps to create your own Netflix watch party.

#1. Download and Pin the Teleparty extension

Open your chrome web store to download and install the Teleparty extension. You can also visit the Teleparty website in order to download and install the extension, if you are having doubts if the one you found on the chrome web store is the legit Teleparty, then you can just visit the and click the “Install Teleparty” button on the upper right corner of the page. Then you will be redirected to the store to download and install it.

Join Netflix Watch Party Using Teleparty

After downloading and installing it, you will see a “Tp” bubble/button on the right end of your address bar and pin it. If you cannot see the “Tp” button, then you can just click the puzzle icon also located at the right end of the address bar, and pin Tp.

How To Join Netflix Watch Party Using Teleparty
Source: Teleparty

#2. Go to Netflix

After pinning Teleparty, go to your Netflix account and choose whatever show or series you want to watch with your friends/family. You can choose from the vast selection of Netflix, from movies, tv series, variety, shows, documentaries, animated films, animated series, sports, game shows, and many more. After deciding what you want to watch, you can play it already, and do the next step.

#3. Create and Start the Watch Party

To create the link of the teleparty that you can share with your friends/family. Click the “Tp” icon you just pinned beside the address bar, after clicking it, you will see the “Start Party” button to create the URL that you will be sharing with your friends via any messaging platform. Then, get the party started!

#4. How to join the Teleparty

In order for your friends to join the Teleparty, they too have to download the extension into their chrome in order to activate the URL, without the Teleparty, they would not be redirected to Netflix. Now, if they already have a Teleparty, they can just click the URL and they will be automatically redirected to Netflix’s website (because it is using the extension and used as an extension, you will be watching on the website instead of the application). After being redirected to the website, they can just click on the “Tp” icon beside their address bar, and then your friend/family will be automatically joined to the watch party.

join Netflix Watch Party Using Teleparty
Source: The Verge

With Teleparty, you do not need to have another messaging platform to message your friends while watching, you can chat while watching with Teleparty. This feature enables users to interact in real-time with the persons they are watching with. Exclaiming your reactions and comments about the movie or series you are watching will never be the same as you can also read their reactions and such, you can also goof out with your friends and all sorts of interactive ways possible.

It may have started off as a Netflix Party, but now, you can now enjoy having watch parties from different streaming sites you want. Teleparty has really stepped up its game ever since it became the most used extension for watch parties ever since Netflix increased its users over the course of the pandemic. But for some questions: is it available for mobile? the answer would be a shaky yes, why? because there is an application available for android mobile devices but the application is still not developed and has a lot of bugs that are needed to be fixed. You can download it via Google Play Store, but it is still not recommended for now. In the future, if it has been officially launched, maybe we can create some articles for its review, but for now, just stick to the OG website extension.

With this extension program, you can now watch in real-time with your loved ones and at the same time experience a no-bug watch party with them, while also interacting with them. Teleparty is all free but there is a feature for premium users where if they subscribe, there are three streaming services available; features such as Crunchyroll—everyone’s favorite anime streaming platform/app.

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