Intel Launched The 13th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processor

NewsIntel Launched The 13th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processor

Intel has always been one of the finest companies for providing the highest performance ratio for Laptops. But Intel has now gone a step further. At CES 2023, Intel introduced its 13th generation of mobile Core processors, which features the new flagship Intel Core i9-13980HX, the first 24-core laptop CPU. It includes a turbo frequency which is ideal for gamers and creators. Moreover, the H-series CPUs have the highest clock speed available in the market.

Intel Launched The 13th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processor
13th Gen Intel H Series

13th Gen Intel H Series

The 13th Gen H series has new chips with enhanced performance. It has the latest features such as DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5 storage that can work in combination with the H CPUs. However, the newest Intel Core i9-13980HX is the most powerful mobile processor. The 980HX is a 24-core processor which includes 8 Performance-cores and 16 Efficient-cores. Moreover, the clock rate goes up to 5.6GHz, making it the fastest mobile processor in the market at the moment. Additionally, it indicates that the chip outperforms the previous generation in multitasking performance by up to 50%.

13th Gen Intel Core P-series and U-series Mobile Processors

With the arrival of its 13th Gen P and U-series, particularly prioritizing performance and portability. Intel has given the thin and light machine categories the same amount of attention. These processors have an improved Intel Thread Director and feature up to 14 cores. The cores include 6 performance cores and 8 efficient cores. Endurance gaming, XeSS Super Sampling, and Intel Arc Control are new features of Intel Iris Xe Graphics.
Intel Evo designs built in 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processors will also feature more extended battery life and new key experiences.

Intel’s experience with lightweight devices will undoubtedly improve with the new lineup and the aforementioned features. According to Intel, we may anticipate more than 250 distinctive designs from companies like Acer, Dell, HP, and others.

The P and U-series chips include updated Intel Iris Xe Graphics for graphic tasks, which include XeSS Super Sampling and Intel Arc Control. The improved DDR5 support added to the already-existing DDR4 support that extended the memory and storage. The new lightweight series includes Intel Wi-Fi 6E, Intel Connectivity Performance Suite, and up to 4 thunderbolt ports.

To provide mainstream PC users with more options for power optimization while delivering enhanced performance in gaming, along with providing creativity and productivity is accomplished by introducing new 35-watt and 65-watt SKUs.

Intel chips will now include the Intel Movidius Vision Processing Unit.  The Vision Processing Unit (VPU) function is to transfer some CPU and GPU-intensive operations to the former, freeing up resources for the chips to manage additional workloads. It was made possible with the collaboration of Microsoft’s new Windows Studio effects.

New Intel EVO Specifications

People looking for devices with exceptional battery life have relied on Intel EVO. At CES 2023, Intel unveiled a few new specifications that are certain to deliver several distinctive and important features. The updated devices will deliver consistent responsiveness when not plugged-in, longer battery life, quick wake-up, and fast charging. Utilize superb videoconferencing tools like Intel Connectivity Performance Suite and Intel. With the help of Intel Unison technology, you may communicate between your Android or iOS phone and PC in a consistent way. This includes file transfers as well as messages and phone conversations.

There is a gap, that needs to be filled after Intel said goodbye to the Pentium and Celeron chips. Thankfully, Intel has introduced its new N series processor, which includes a new Intel Core i3 processor designed specifically for entry-level and academic computing.

Intel Processor and Intel Core i3 in the N-series

The N series has brand-new, highly effective cores, developed using the Intel 7 process technology. In comparison to the previous generation, the new series also offers up to 28% greater application performance and 64% better graphics performance. The series includes DDR5 and DDR4 memory, among other flexible memory and storage options. The N series is likely to have more than 50 new designs from manufacturers like Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others.

The 13th Generation Intel Core mobile processors come with a variety of features to enhance the laptop experience. This technology is created concerning your needs, so it can elevate streaming and gaming. Features like Xe Super Sampling and Arc Control that were previously only available on Intel Arc graphics solutions are now available on Iris Xe Graphics.

For people who are unable to purchase a computer with the more expensive Intel Core H or U processors. Intel has several new CPUs under the N series, which took the role of the Intel Pentium and Celeron brands.

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