Everything About Hisense’s New ULED X Television Set

NewsEverything About Hisense's New ULED X Television Set

Hisense, a well-known brand in the world of electronics, has recently released its newest addition to the market, the ULED X television set. This cutting-edge TV was announced during CES and was considered the star of the show due to its advanced features and technologies.

One of the essential features of the ULED X is its use of ULED technology. ULED stands for Ultra LED and is a marketing term used by Hisense for LCD TVs. It comes with local dimming, a wide color gamut, and high peak brightness. This technology allows the TV to produce more vivid colors, deeper blacks, and brighter whites for a more immersive viewing experience.

The ULED X also boasts a wide color gamut, which means it can display a wider range of colors. This leads to more vibrant and lifelike images, making it perfect for watching nature documentaries. As well as any other content that features a lot of different colors.

Everything About Hisense's New ULED X Television Set

Hardware Features and Specifications

The Hisense ULED X television set is available in two different configurations, one with an 85-inch 4K panel and the other with a 110-inch 8K panel. Both TVs are powered by mini LED technology, which is a newer and more advanced version of traditional LED backlighting.

Hisense's New ULED X Television Set

The mini LEDs in the ULED X significantly improve brightness and contrast over traditional LEDs. The TVs have a maximum brightness of 2,500 nits, which is significantly higher than most other TVs on the market. This high level of brightness is especially beneficial when watching content in a well-lit room or when playing HDR content.

The ULED X also has a large number of dimming zones, with up to 5,000 for the 110-inch 8K panel and 4,000 for the 85-inch 4K panel. This allows for more precise control of the backlighting, which results in deeper blacks and more accurate colors.

The ULED X is a high-performance television with advanced features such as the Hi-View Engine X, which automatically adjusts the image for the best possible picture. The panel has 30% wider viewing angles and an ultra-low reflection panel to reduce glare. It also supports Dolby Vision, NextGen TV, FreeSync Premium Pro, and Wi-Fi 6E. The audio is handled by 7 integrated speakers with a 4.1.2 multi-channel audio system. It supports Dolby Atmos spatial sound, which should provide an immersive viewing experience.

Unique Features of Hisense’s ULED X

The ULED X also offers a range of smart features. This includes built-in voice control, which allows users to easily navigate through the various menus and options. It also has built-in support for popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.

The ULED X is a high-performance TV with a mini LED backlighting system. It is a technology that Hisense has invested heavily in. This backlighting system has the potential to provide superior image quality compared to other TVs, particularly in terms of brightness and contrast. Hisense TVs have a reputation for strong panel brightness and contrast, and the ULED X is no exception. It is worth noting that competitors such as LG’s G3 with its 2000 nits maximum brightness are also offering high-performance TVs.

In terms of design, the ULED X has a sleek and modern look, with slim bezels and a sleek stand that give the TV a minimalist look. The TV is available in a variety of sizes, making it a versatile option for any home entertainment setup.

Cost and Accessibility

It is currently not announced by Hisense about the price and sale availability of the ULED X model. However, if the company can keep the price competitive and the final product performs well, it has the potential to be popular among consumers. At CES 2023, there were many strong TV options on display. And competition is fierce, especially from LG and Samsung’s OLED and MicroLED models. Ultimately, the manufacturer that offers the best overall experience will likely come out on top.

Final Verdict

In terms of competition, the ULED X will have to compete with other high-end TV models such as LG’s OLEDs and Samsung’s MicroLEDs. However, with its advanced technology, stunning picture quality, and sleek design. Therefore, the ULED X has the potential to be a hit with consumers.

Hisense ULED X television set is a top-of-the-line option for those looking for a TV with advanced features and technologies. Its impressive picture quality, high brightness, and smart features make it a great choice for anyone looking for a high-end TV.

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