Enable Or Disable HDR Screenshot Color Corrector In Snipping Tool In Windows 11

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Windows 11 brings a suite of exciting features tailored for modern computing needs, especially for users with high-end HDR displays. Among these features, the HDR Screenshot Color Corrector in the Snipping Tool stands out. This functionality enhances how screenshots are captured and displayed, ensuring that colors in screenshots taken on HDR screens are accurately represented when viewed on SDR screens. This detailed guide will explain how to enable or disable this feature and discuss its importance in your daily computing tasks.

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What is HDR?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) significantly improves the quality of images and videos by increasing the contrast and color range. This makes the visuals more vivid and closer to what the human eye naturally perceives. However, when you capture screenshots on an HDR display and view them on non-HDR (SDR) displays, the colors can appear distorted – either too washed out or too dark. The HDR Screenshot Color Corrector addresses this by adjusting the screenshot’s color balance to appear normal on standard displays.

Steps to Enable HDR Screenshot Color Corrector

Enabling the HDR color corrector in the Snipping Tool is straightforward:

  1. Check HDR Support: Verify that your monitor supports HDR and that HDR is enabled in Windows. Go to Settings > System > Display, and under Windows HD Color settings, ensure HDR is switched on.
  2. Launch Snipping Tool: You can find the Snipping Tool by searching for it in the Start menu or under Windows Accessories.
  3. Access Settings: In the Snipping Tool, click on the settings gear icon at the top right.
  4. Enable Color Correction: Look for the “HDR Screenshot Color Corrector” option and turn it on to activate the feature.

How to Disable HDR Screenshot Color Corrector

If you prefer to capture screenshots in their original HDR format, disabling the color corrector is just as easy:

  1. Open Snipping Tool: Start the Snipping Tool from the Start menu or Windows Accessories.
  2. Go to Settings: Click the settings icon.
  3. Turn Off Color Correction: Find the “HDR Screenshot Color Corrector” and toggle it off.
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screenshot 2024 04 21 at 4.01.37 pm

Benefits of Using HDR Screenshot Color Corrector

Using the HDR Screenshot Color Corrector in the Snipping Tool has several benefits:

  • True Color Accuracy: It ensures that the colors in your screenshots are true to what you see on your screen, providing a more accurate representation of the display.
  • Better Image Clarity: HDR screenshots often lose details when displayed on SDR screens. The color corrector helps maintain the clarity and detail of the original image.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Screenshots corrected for color can be viewed properly on all types of displays, making them more versatile for presentations or sharing.

Considerations and Tips

While the HDR Screenshot Color Corrector is a valuable tool, consider these tips for optimal use:

  • Regular Updates: Keep your Windows 11 and device drivers up to date to ensure compatibility and smooth functioning of HDR features.
  • Adjust Settings for Different Displays: If you use multiple monitors, you may need to adjust HDR settings individually to achieve the best results.
  • Use Other Tools for Advanced Editing: For more detailed image editing or color correction, consider using advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop, which offer more control over the final image quality.

Additional Uses in Professional Settings

Professionals in graphic design, video production, and photography can particularly benefit from the accurate color representation provided by the HDR Screenshot Color Corrector. It ensures that the work seen on an HDR display maintains its visual impact when shared with clients or collaborators using SDR screens.


The HDR Screenshot Color Corrector in Windows 11’s Snipping Tool is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing user experience across different display technologies. By enabling or disabling this feature as needed, you can take control of how your screenshots look, ensuring they always meet your expectations for color accuracy and clarity.

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