10 Tips & Tricks For The Best iPhone Photos

GadgetsiPhones10 Tips & Tricks For The Best iPhone Photos

iPhone is probably one of the best smartphones out there to give tough competition to a low-level DSLR. Many debate that instead of buying a low-budget or mid-budget DSLR, one can buy the latest iPhone. That’s the kind of trust Apple has gained over the years. Despite its thousands of flaws, the company retains its global reputation as a maker of the best technology in the market.

And we cannot deny, right? The camera in iPhones is just stupefying. It’s hard to get those cool features and lens in any other phone. As a result, aspiring low-budget filmmakers have shot high-quality videos without anyone ever finding out about the camera.

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And if you, too, want to utilize your Apple camera to the best of its ability, here is a list of tips and tricks that can aid you in the process.

10 Tips & Tricks For The Best iPhone Photos
iPhone Photography

1. Using A Macro And A Micro Lens

Even though the latest versions of iPhones come with a high-quality camera lens, getting a micro and a macro lens will only amplify your photography skills. So check out the Xenvo Pro Lens kit for your iPhone. Click marvelous pictures with absolute grace and surprise your friends with your art.

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2. Get Used To Clicking Pictures With The Volume Button

More often than not, our brilliant picture composition gets spoiled from shaking. It is not always in our control, especially when you are on a moving vehicle. To prevent this from happening, practice clicking pictures with the volume button as it will help in holding the phone steady. Moreover, if you want something more fixed and stable, get the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for iPhone.

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3. Invest In A iPhone Photography Course

If you are serious about your interest in photography and the iPhone is your only camera at the moment, taking a course will help you. And you will soon realize you don’t need anything at all. Some world-class photographers have left their DSLRs behind after discovering mind-blowing pictures from their iPhones. Skillshare offers excellent discounts and offers on their iPhone photography courses.

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4. Rule Of Third Never Gets Old

No matter which device you use to click pictures, if you miss out on the Golden rule of thirds, your photo will be incomplete. The rule of thirds works on the grid to set up the camera of your iPhone or DSLR. The grid divides the whole picture into eight blocks, and ideally, your object/objects of focus should fall on the cross-section of the right and left sides.

10 Tips & Tricks For The Best iPhone Photos
Phone Photography

5. Get Accessories To Amplify Your Photos And Videos

There is nothing better than getting some accessories for photography to enhance your output. Get the Pixel ultra-slim Bi-color portable lights to give your images a sharper and more stunning look. Furthermore, you can try out different types of ring lights, etc.

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6. Keep The HDR Feature Handy

The world is beautiful beyond measure! We often come across scenes and picturesque that we want to capture in our cameras share with friends and family. However, our cameras can barely capture even one percent of the beauty that’s in front of our eyes. The color scheme somehow diminishes, and the joy we experienced does not justify it. Therefore, using HDR or high dynamic range imagining will be able to do some justice to your pictures.

7. Use Portrait Mode Often

The portrait mode helps in blurring out the uninteresting background and focusing on the subject. Practice it frequently so that you can determine when to use this feature and when not to.

8. Use Frames To Define Your Photos

There’s something about photos that we frame and makes the image much more attractive to look at. So when we apply an excellent frame to pictures on the iPhone, it is sure to get the eyeballs rolling.

9. Keep The Sensor And Lens Clean

If you plan to practice a lot, keeping your phone camera clean and free from dust will help. We forget to wipe away dust from the lens at times, and they spoil our otherwise beautiful images. So having a soft cloth to clean the lens of your iPhone is a great idea.

10 Tips & Tricks For The Best iPhone Photos
iPhone Camera

10. Use Manual Setting Often

If you are overly dependent on the auto settings feature of your iPhone, you are missing out on a lot. So don’t be lazy on exploring with shutter speed, focus, and other controls. You’re the better judge than a machine. So don’t let your phone decide what is best when you are the boss here!


Practice makes a man perfect! And while that remains unchanged for eternity, using our brains to be at our creative best isn’t a crime either. So here are the ten tips and tricks you can use next time you go out to shoot a photo on your iPhone.

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