Google Meet Adds AR Masks, Duo Style Filters And Effects

NewsGoogle Meet Adds AR Masks, Duo Style Filters And Effects

Google Meet introduces a ton of new features like augmented reality masks, filters of animated characters, and filters. The tech giant seems to be doing everything possible to ensure fun and enthusiasm-filled meetings during these unprecedented times.

What’s New With Google Meet?

On July 7th, on its official Twitter Page, Google announced its new upgrade in Google Meet. Users can opt for filters and augmented reality masks from the endless options to choose, from now onwards. Moreover, they can avail of this feature from a sparkle icon from the bottom right side during a video call.

Google Meet Adds AR Masks, Duo Style Filters And Effects
New Filter On Google Meet

Users speculate that Google might drop its original video calling application Google Duo and officially replace it with Google Meet. Moreover, the upgrade mentioned above is only available for personal calls with friends and family. Therefore, it will surely aid in providing a fun-filled video calling session for people spending time apart from their loved ones. You can access the upgrade both on iOS and Android.

Is The New Feature Available For Corporate Virtual Meetings?

The new upgrade is not available for workspaces yet. This is because people usually prefer to keep their business and virtual corporate meetings serious and professional. So it is not meant for serious discussions as per ‘The Verge.’ However, the existing filters like virtual background and Blur will continue to exist in personal meetings and workspaces.

Will Google Duo And Google Meet Work Alike?

The Google Duo is a huge inspiration or blueprint for the filters, AR masks, cats, jellyfish, astronauts and animated faces, etc. In Google Meet, questions of both the applications working side by side are still unclear. There is a chance that Google will remove its Duo application next year.

Google Meet Adds AR Masks, Duo Style Filters And Effects

Meet is sifting from a serious and workaholic set of users to casual ones through this new update. The video calling application is free for all users and will play an extremely important role in keeping relationships strong.

How To Join Google Meet?

You can start/join a meeting on Google Meet by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download the Google Meet application from the iOS app store or android play store.

Step 2: With your existing Google account credentials, log into the application.

Step 3: After logging in, choose from the two options: New Meeting and Join with a code.

Step 4: If you want to join a meeting with a link, copy and paste the link on ‘Join with a code’ and press Join.

Step 5: To start your Meeting, click on New Meeting and choose between creating an instant Meeting or Schedule in Google Calendar.

Step 6: The application will generate a link for you, share it with your friends and family.

Step 7: Once everyone logs in with the link, Google Meet will show you an option to accept/decline their joining requests.

Step 8: Mute or Unmute your audio and video to have a fun-filled video conferencing session with your loved ones.

For How Long Can I Use Google Meet?

Google Meet Adds AR Masks, Duo Style Filters And Effects
Video Calling On Google Meet – No Time Limit

Anyone with an active Google account can get free access to Google Meet. There is no time limit in this application, unlike Zoom and other video conferencing app. You can talk for as long as twenty fours hours without interruption or any hidden charges.


Google’s introduction of fun filters and masks like Instagram and Snapchat will make the app more personal. Given the times we are in, the Duo-style filters and AR masks will surely make Google Meet a top-rated one among its users.

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