How To Use FaceTime SharePlay To Share Screen?

GadgetsHow To Use FaceTime SharePlay To Share Screen?

Apple has finally introduced one of its most awaited features. SharePlay, which allows iOS 15.1 users to share content, audio or video, via FaceTime. Orginally, SharePlay was scheduled to launch with iOS 15 software but was pushed back. Later, It was released later as a part of a software update, iOS 15.1. The SharePlay feature in iOS was something most users looked forward to.

It is expected to be the most popular update out of all in iOS 15.1. It will help friends and family to chat together while simultaneously watching shows/movies and listening to music. Outside that, it can also be used for multiple business-related purposes. For instance, sharing a document or PowerPoint presentation while having a meeting on FaceTime. Additionally, Apple is adding and making more of its applications SharePlay friendly for the feature to really pop off.

A feature once only available on video conferencing applications is now also accessible via FaceTime on iOS devices. It is built right into FaceTime.

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How To Download iOS 15.1?

To download the latest update, you need to go to your settings. There, go to general and then tap on software update. The download size is about 1.4GB. It is recommended to back up your device before proceeding with the download.

SharePlay allows a user to share a variety of content and share their screen while on a FaceTime call. Earlier, the screen share feature was limited to video conferencing applications like Zoom and Google Meet.

To use SharePlay, you need to be on a FaceTime call with someone else.

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How To Call Someone On FaceTime?

To use SharePlay, the first step is to be on a FaceTime call. There are multiple ways to do so. Open the FaceTime app, select contact, and call them. You could also use Siri to set up a FaceTime call or to schedule a call. Make sure the person you are calling also has iOS 15.1 installed.  When you are a part of an active FaceTime call, it’s a few simple steps to SharePlay.

SharePlay share

How To Share Screen Using SharePlay?

After joining an active FaceTime session, you will notice a new icon at the top right corner. It looks like a small figure in front of a screen. Tap that and you’ll see a drop-down menu that says “Share My Screen”. Click on that and you’ll be able to share your screen with those you are in a session with. Now, using this, you can watch YouTube videos together or listen to the same track on Apple music.

An alternate way to use SharePlay is to go to an app of your choice during a FaceTime session. If SharePlay is possible, you will get a pop-up asking whether or not you want to SharePlay.

When you share content, other participants in the FaceTime call will receive a notification at the top of their screens to join the SharePlay session. In order for the session to proceed smoothly, all participants need to have the app whose content is being shared. This also means all participants will need a subscription to apps like Apple music for SharePlay to work.

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Additional Information

Anyone in the FaceTime call can control the shared content. When a user decides to use SharePlay to share content, they become the host with full control over the content shared. On the other hand, the other participants have partial control over it. In case of music and video, individual users can control playback, skip or control the volume of the content shared. If any user changes anything, every other participant will get a notification on their viewing devices.

If at some point, you want to switch to the other person’s screen, all they have to do is tap the share screen icon on their screen.

Even though its use is certainly limited, it has aroused interest among Apple users for the feature’s future. Presently, the feature can not be used with Netflix and is not compatible if even one of the participants in the FaceTime call does not have a subscription.

For instance, you and your friend choose to listen to music together over FaceTime via Apple music but only one of you has Apple music subscription; SharePlay will not work. Apple is expected to make SharePlay more user-friendly in the future.

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