Huawei Tag- A Tough Competition For Apple AirTag

NewsHuawei Tag- A Tough Competition For Apple AirTag

Smart Tags can into existence a long time before Apple Introduced AirTag and brought this technology into the limelight. Following the footsteps of Apple, Samsung also offered two smart tags, namely, Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+. Gradually, other tech companies also Joined the smart tag trend and users got plenty of options to choose from.
There are plenty of smart tags for Android smartphones, and the latest one comes from Huawei. Huawei is all set to roll out the Huawei tag that will be its contribution to the Smart Tags technology.

If the rumors are to be believed, Huwaei Smart Tag will function the same way as AppleTag but will be priced way less than its counterpart. As inferred, Huawei smart tags will give Apple Smart Tags tough competition. If you are curious to find more about Huawei smart tags, their features, purpose, and price range, you are at the right place. Below we will explain everything you need to know about the Smart Tags by Huawei but first, let’s understand what Smart Tags technology is all about.

Huawei Tag
Image Source: Huawei

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What are smart tags?

A smart tag is a sort of tracking device which comes in handy when you want to be aware of the whereabouts of goods, keys, children, backpacks, luggage, pets, and any other valuable thing that runs the risk of getting lost or stolen.

Thus, you can equip vulnerable things or living beings with these smart tags, and if they ever got lost, you can locate them easily. For instance, if you lost your dog at the park, you can check his location via your smartphone. Smart tags automatically detect the object’s location, provides directions, ring a tone, and display the whereabouts on the map.

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Huawei Smart tag Specifications

Huawei has launched its Smart tracks only in China, and once these are successful, it is planning to launch the tags in other countries as well. Each Smart tag costs CNY 99, which is equivalent to USD 15. The pack of four tags costs just CNY 299, USD 45 approx.

The Smart Tags owned by Huawei flaunt a minimal design, and it resembles the shape of a guitar pick. Hence the look is completely different from Apple AirTag, which is round in shape. The tags are only 5.6mm thick and their dimensions are approximately 32 x 31 mm. These tags are completely white and flaunt the Huawei logo. If you compare it to AirTag, the former is thinner than the latter having a thickness of 8mm.

Likewise, the Huawei tag weighs only 6 grams, making them almost 50 percent lighter than AirTag, which weighs 11 grams. It’s worth mentioning that these tags lack a punch hole which makes them easy to attach to a key ring or fasten on the collar of your dog or cat. If you intend to use these tags for the purpose mentioned above, you will have to purchase the AirTag leather case by Huawei.

Huawei Tag- A Tough Competition For Apple AirTag
Image Source: Huawei

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Features of Huawei Smart Tag

Now that we are aware of the dimensions and other specifications of the Huawei tags, its time to throw some light on its features:

  • Both the trackers have IP67 dust and water resistance rating. This rating ensures that the AirTags can be submerged into 1 meter of water for up to half an hour without sort damage.
  • Huawei tags leverage the GPS technology to operate and take the help of the Bluetooth-enabled devices in close proximity to detect the approximate position of the tagged device.
  • As of now, these tags are only compatible with smartphones running on Harmony OS 2.0 or higher, so you can only track them using your Huawei mobile. However, you hope that Huawei will expand its horizons very soon and it will support Android and iOS smartphones in the near future.
  • These tags are equipped with the classic CR2032 battery, which can last up to one year and can be replaced easily.
  • The trackers also include an NFC chip that contains the owner’s information and shares it with the needs arises. It has a small speaker that emits a sound so that nearby tags can locate it.

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Since Huawei tags rely on the nearby Bluetooth technology to prompt the location, it is hard to say whether they will be able to deliver accurate location results outside China, where the company headquarters are located.

Moreover, the ultra-wideband (UWB) chip is also absent in these trackers, so you cannot expect these tags to deliver precise results.


That’s all you need to know about the smart tags recently launched by Huawei. What’s your opinion about them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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