Thursday, November 24, 2022

Huawei Engineer Creates The Smallest Holocube Projector Ever!

While we scroll our news feed in the hope of finding more Mac mini and smartphone minis to fit our pocket, here’s what we are missing out on! Zhihuijun, an engineer working in Huawei, created the world’s first mini holocube projector. And the best part is, you can do it too! Zhihuijun has left the code open on the internet allowing all tech enthusiasts to build their own mini holocube projectors.

What Can A Tiny Holocube Do For Me?

As Huawei clearly points out in their tweet, let’s not get swayed by its size because ” Great things come in small packages.” The holocube projector can display your YouTube subscriber count, show your smartphone notifications, and your photo albums.

How Can You Build A Tiny Holocube Projector Yourself?

To build one for yourself, use two prisms to reflect the light from a tiny display. Furthermore, you can then add the board of your projector like Zhihuijun has to run the code. This code is open for everyone to use at the moment and helps connect the holocube with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RGB lights.


Are you wondering how this tiny projector will work, given that there are no buttons to it? The surprising part is that you do not need buttons or any switch to make it work; all you have to do is toss it, shake and tilt it on either side to navigate. Zhihuijun got this idea from mere binocular prisms. Moreover, this is not his first time creating a stunning gadget, but he has consistently created smart gadgets like a self-driving bike.



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