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import Voice Memos from my iPhone to iMac

4 Tips To Import Voice Memos From My iPhone To iMac

In this guide, we will explain the different methods to import Voice Memos from my iPhone to iMac (Monterey) without using iCloud or the...

Apple Entry-level MacBook Pro M2 Has Slower SSD Speeds Than Its M1 Counterpart

The new M2 MacBook Pro is still hard to understand. Overall, the new entry-level M2-powered MacBook Pro from Apple is more powerful than the M1...
Apple security

Now With 5 Easy Steps You Can Remove Fake Apple Security Alerts

All the Apple users have faced this problem in which they get some pop-up alert sometimes when they are just browsing the internet normally....
Drag and Drop not working on mac

Drag And Drop Not Working On Mac: Fixed

Using the Drag and Drop capability on Mac computers has become second nature to us. This feature makes it easier to interact with the...
Macbook Actually Helps

15 Little-Known Mac Secrets To Transform Your MacBook

This Guide will explain Mac secrets to transform your MacBook 2022. So, Whether you're new to Macs or have been a long-time user, there...
Run JAR files on Mac

How To Run JAR Files On Mac

In this article, we have explained the step-by-step process to run JAR files on your Mac device. JAR is a package file format that is...
Menu Bar On Mac In Full Screen Mode

How To Keep The Menu Bar On Mac In Full Screen Mode

While using any app on your Mac, by default it will hide the menu bar. Again if you want to see the menu bar...
3 Reasons Why Apple AirPods 3rd Generation Is Not Worth It

How To Connect And Disconnect AirPods To Windows 11

In recent days, Microsoft is widening up to bring wideband speech support for the Airpods to windows 11. Just that, some of the features...
iOS 15 Notifications silenced

iOS 15 Notifications Silenced? How To Fix The Issue

If you are facing the iOS 15 Notifications silenced issue on your iPhone, keep reading to find out how to get rid of it. iOS...
Macbook Actually Helps

How To Fix MacBook Making Crackling Noise Issue

MacBook making crackling noise when you're watching a movie or listening to new music might be one of the most irritating things to hear. Stuttering...