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Spotify App Not Working On iPhone And iPad? Try These Fixes

If you have an iPhone or iPad and enjoy music, you almost certainly have at least one music app installed. Spotify is one of...

15 Common Apple Music Problems And How To Fix Them

Apple Music is one of the most successful music streaming services out there. It is used by millions of people worldwide. But even the...

How To Set Up And Use iMessage On Mac

The MESSAGES app provided by Apple offers an extremely convenient way of communication across all its devices. It allows you to send unlimited messages...

How To Change Mac Address In Windows 11

Mac address is a unique physical identifier for devices connected to a network. This address is assigned to all network devices like computers, mobiles...
How To Use Apple's New Weather Maps In iOS 15 Monterey?

How To Use Apple’s New Weather Maps In iOS 15 Monterey?

The weather apps in the new Apple iOS 15 Monterey is an excellent upgrade from its predecessor. In one word, it's clutter-free as you...

How To Use Apple Translate App On iPhone: iOS15

In iOS 14, Apple introduced the Translate app with the voice translation feature that could translate text and voice commands. So even when your...
Apple Smartwatch OS8: New Updates And Features Disclosed

Apple Smartwatch OS8: New Updates And Features Disclosed

In June this year, Apple announced an upgrade in its smartwatch OS 8, and it got Apple users in a long queue. Apple smartwatch...
Apple's Spatial Audio Will Change The Music Industry Forever

Apple’s Spatial Audio Will Change The Music Industry Forever

Apple launched mac OS 15 Monterey beta version in June this year. And the official software is set to release later in 2021. In...
The New Mac Mini

Things to know about the new Mac Mini

Mac mini was first introduced in 2005 as BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse). The idea was simple- To give the non-Apple...
macOS Mojave and Its new Features

macOS Mojave is now available to public : What’s New in Mojave?

One of the things that Apple announced on Sep 24, 2018, is the availability of the new macOS Mojave( macOS Ver 10.14). The current...

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