Apple Event 2023: Highlights of Watch Series 9

NewsApple Event 2023: Highlights of Watch Series 9

We have come to a time where we just cannot ignore Apple as a brand. Gone are the days when we thought of it as a luxury and catered to a select few. With continuous upgrades in every model to cater to a wide range of customers, Apple has almost conquered the smartphone and tablet market. According to a statistics survey by a reputed site, the company has clocked in close to four hundred billion US dollars in 2022, which is four times more than its previous years.

I mean, wow! The numbers speak for themselves. Given the craziness around Apple products, the company is not far from creating a monopoly. The powerful performance and chic look of an iPhone is sure to capture anyone’s eyeballs. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has created a legacy which seems to go far and wide. So without any further ado, let’s check out the major highlights that were announced by Tim Cook and his team at Apple.

Launching Watch Series 9

compressed s9 series

According to COO Jeff Williams, the Apple Watch helps countless people in day-to-day life, making it better and safer for them. It monitors your health, motivates you to be active, connects you to the people and information you care about, and, most importantly, contacts help if needed. The Series 9 Apple watch comes with powerful new Apple silicon and features that Jeff commits will be useful for daily use. It is priced at $399.

Deidre Caldbeck, Director at Apple Watch Product Marketing, says that the new watch comes with innovative features like advanced workout metrics, sleep stages, and car crash detection. Apple Watch Series 9 has been redesigned on the inside with S9 Sip, which boosts its performance and capability. Moreover, the S9 CPU has 5.6 billion transistors which is sixty percent more than the previous watch.

Additionally, the new S9 chip makes the animations and effects in WatchOS 10 smooth and has a new 4-core neural engine that boosts machine learning tasks up to twice as fast. And it is this engine that enables the watch to maintain an eighteen-hour battery life. However, the Apple watch is the easiest and quickest way to use Siri. In order to get tasks done like reading a message, making a call, and closing the garage, just raise your wrist and ask.

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Ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch Series 9 and more

The new Apple watch has a new second-generation Ultra-wideband chip that enables precision finding for iPhones with the same chip. You will be able to see both the distance and direction of your iPhone, and once you get close, haptic and audible feedback guides you to its location, even if it’s in a different room. Ultrawide also brings new integration between Apple Watch and HomePod.

When you get close to your HomePod, media suggestions will automatically appear at the top of the Smart Stack, so you can instantly fire up a playlist or a podcast. Or if audio is already playing, your watch will launch Now Playing to let you control it.

Brighter Display on Watch OS

Series 9 features a big edge-to-edge Always-On retina display that is even easier to read outdoors. It now goes up to two thousand nits, which is again double the brightness of Series 8. Furthermore, the display is also better in very dark situations, like a movie theatre or early morning wakeup, because it now goes down to just one nit. Thus, these features will be useful every time you put on your watch.

The Path-Breaking Double-Tap Gesture

compressed double tap

The Apple Watch is also controlled by gestures like wrist raise, which brightens the display for you to check the time, read notifications or see who is calling at a glance. You can also cover the display to silence alerts. Series 9, this time, adds another new gesture which will only require your watch hand. It is the double-tap. Just tap your index finger and thumb together twice.

You can use double-tap to answer a call and end it as well. Double-tap controls the primary button in an app, so you can use it to stop a timer, play and pause music, or snooze an alarm. Moreover, it will also launch the smart stack from your watch face and scroll through the widgets. This is enabled by the S9 neural engine, which processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensor in a completely new way. It uses the machine learning algorithm to detect the unique signature of tiny movements and changes in blood flow.

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