Apple Learning Coach Program Brings Creativity To Education System

NewsApple Learning Coach Program Brings Creativity To Education System
Apple Learning Coach Program Brings Creativity to Education System, Apple, Apple Learning Coach, Apple Learning Coach Transforms Downey Unified School District with Technology Integration

The California school district has adopted the Apple Learning Coach program to enhance the teaching practices of its educators with the help of technology. The program provides professional development and training to instructional coaches, digital learning specialists, and other educators by offering self-paced lessons and virtual workshop sessions led by Apple Professional Learning Specialists. As a result of this initiative, creativity has been brought to life in the district’s classrooms.

Apple’s Learning Coach program has been transformative in the Downey Unified School District, located in Southern California. More than 1,900 educators across the United States have already finished the program, and the subsequent cohort is currently taking applications through May 30.

Today, Apple announced that it intends to expand the program to twelve more countries this year, making it additionally accessible to educators worldwide.

Apple Learning Coach Transforms Downey Unified School District with Technology Integration

Apple furthermore highlights the success of the Downey Unified School District in integrating technology into its educational programs. The district has a total of 22 schools, including eight that have been acknowledged as Apple Distinguished Schools. The district commenced operating the iPod Touch over a decade ago to help English language learners with reading fluency, and since then, all elementary schools in the district have provided an iPad to every student.

Downey Unified pursues a “coherence model”, where all schools have equivalent access to technology, education, tools, and services. The district delivers professional learning opportunities to all educators, including a program, Apple Learning Coach, which has produced 15 certified coaches to date. The Apple Learning Coach program furthermore facilitates educators to incorporate technology into their teaching practices, and each coach comes away with a coaching portfolio to utilize in the classroom.

Moreover, Marnie Luevano, an instructional technology coach at Downey Unified, was certified as an Apple Learning Coach last year, and her role is to assist teachers employ Apple technology to enrich their lessons.

According to Luevano, they collaborate with educators to uncover diverse methods for students to portray their knowledge that go beyond conventional approaches like essays and worksheets. This approach furthermore stimulates students’ inventiveness and facilitates them to think creatively, resulting in exalted enthusiasm and involvement in their studies. Besides, Luevano stated that pupils are enthusiastic about showcasing their work and take satisfaction in their assignments, demonstrating that they are not just completing them to tick a box but are genuinely savoring the learning experience.

And this is how the Apple Learning Coach program has influenced the Downey Unified School District by equipping teachers with technology integration resources. By utilizing Apple’s “Everyone Can Create” resources, coaches are aiding educators in discovering new methods for students to display their learning. Furthermore, the district technology team has introduced a digital fluency deck that outlines technology goals for students based on their grade level, with a new project being sent out to teachers every week.

Jennifer Robbins, the Director of Elementary Education and an Apple Learning Coach in the Downey Unified School District has witnessed transformations in both students and educators due to the Apple Learning Coach program. The program has given educators tools to incorporate technology into the classroom, regardless of their level of tech knowledge. The program furthermore encourages customization of learning for both students and teachers.

The Downey Unified School District has noticed measurable outcomes, including a peak in student population, and Principal Allison Box praises the program for transforming schools in the district. The program has assisted devise a culture of transformation and invention that trains students for tomorrow.

In conclusion, the Apple Learning Coach program has had a substantial consequence on the Downey Unified School District, equipping educators with the tools and resources crucial to integrate technology into the classroom effectively. The program has permitted the transformation of schools in the district, resulting in boosted student engagement, tremendous growth in the student population, and a culture that welcomes transformation and creation.

Tarim Zia
Tarim Zia
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