What Is New In Windows 11 23H2?

NewsWhat Is New In Windows 11 23H2?

Since its release, Windows 11, Microsoft’s most recent operating system, has generated a lot of hype, which is quite significant. Windows 11 has a reasonably contemporary style and several brand-new features to increase user productivity and the overall computer experience. Microsoft is getting ready to release the 23H2 update, which adds new features and enhancements to the operating system. It is substantial as it continues to evolve Windows 11 physically. This article will examine what is new in Windows 11 23H2 and the unmistakably impressive improvements it offers customers. Let’s get started right now.

Microsoft has changed its strategy for updating Windows 11 from the prior half-yearly releases of Windows 10 to exceptionally annual feature updates, which is considerable. It is typically normal to expect the 23H2 upgrade, which is quite extensive, to arrive around the same time in 2023 after the release of the 22H2 version in September 2022. The 23H2 upgrade, which has the codename SV3 (Sun Valley 3), promises to offer exciting enhancements and improvements to Windows 11.

Microsoft also may make the switch to annual feature updates.

Microsoft has substantially transitioned with Windows 11 from the regular feature releases of Windows 10 to a yearly update cycle (for the more significant feature updates). A more stable and dependable operating system for consumers is now possible thanks to Microsoft’s ability to concentrate on releasing more substantial updates packed with new features and enhancements.

I am awaiting the 23H2 Update expectations.

Even though the 23H2 upgrade won’t arrive for another three months, some information has already been revealed. According to the Windows Insider Program’s reports, the 223 feature update is anticipated to use the codename SV3 (Sun Valley 3). Even though specifics are still lacking, interest in Windows 11 23H2’s release is growing.

1. File Explorer in Windows 11 23H2:

Details Pane: The update adds a details panel to the File Explorer’s upper right corner. The complete information of a file, together with related files and thumbnails, is displayed when you click on it.

New Tabs Function: Users can move tabs out of the File Explorer and then put them back together as needed.

Convenient Right-Click Taskbar Functionality: The task manager option is back in the taskbar in Windows 11 23H2 and may be accessed by right-clicking. Users may manage and close uncooperative programs easily and quickly with the help of this functionality, which overall boosts task management effectiveness.

Options for Customization for System Tray Date/Time: The date and time display in the system tray can now be hidden in Windows 11 23H2. With additional control over their desktop environment, thanks to this customization feature, users can clear the taskbar and organize their workspace. Also, note that you can officially add “seconds” on time on your taskbar.

2. Widget Section Updates

Animations are now present when hovering over or selecting widgets in the widget section.

Notification Widget: Users may now check all their notifications from the widget area and pin the new Facebook notification widget.

Widget Preview: When selecting widgets, users may see a preview of how they will appear in the widget section in the right sidebar.

3. Start Menu Properties

Start Menu’s Recommended Section: Suggestions based on users’ web searches are now displayed in this section of the start menu. For instance, depending on previous web searches, Facebook login screen suggestions can show.

Badging Icon: The taskbar settings’ personalization section now includes a setting for enabling badging icons. This function sends notifications about account information. However, this feature might already exist for some 22H2 users. It would work better on the new and upcoming 23H2.

4. Background of the Spotlight

Spotlight background customization is a new feature included with the update. Users can access a wide selection of wallpapers and captivating images by setting Spotlight as their background. There is the choice to alter the background and make them full-screen. This is likely means more wallpaper exclusive to 23H2 and applicable to Spotlight on Windows.

5. Upgraded Emoji Support

By integrating the latest Emoji version, Windows 11 23H2 embraces the most recent developments in emoji support. Users may express themselves using new emojis, allowing for more positive and exciting communication across numerous platforms and applications.

The update also includes bug fixes for the search input, taskbar, start menu, and file explorer, among other things. 

Is Windows 11 23H2 Already Available to the Public for Update?

No, it is only accessible through the Canary Channel on the Insider Program of Microsoft. It is meant to be tested by testers. It will be available to the public after around three months.

Is Windows 11 Free?

It should be if you have an existing Windows 10 or your computer has a Hardware Activation. It would not be for those who do not have what I have mentioned. The cheapest way to activate it would be through getting the cheaper Windows 10 Keys, which most would work on Windows 11.

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11 23H2, receives several intriguing new features and substantial improvements. Windows 11 23H2 is positioned to offer users a more productive, user-friendly, and engaging computing experience, which is significant. This includes introducing a new literally AI assistant, improved RGB lighting controls, an upgraded version of the File Explorer experience, and customizable Taskbar options. Users may look forward to a future filled with exciting updates and enhancements as Microsoft continues to create and perfect Windows 11.

Alen Avila
Alen Avila
Alen Avila is a tech enthusiast and a final-year student of computer engineering. With a deep passion for all things tech, Alen has been actively involved in various technical projects, including coding, circuit design, and system optimization. As a part-time Support Engineer, Alen has gained practical experience in troubleshooting and resolving complex technical issues.
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