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What’s New in The Sophisticated Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro and Green iPhone 13?

What’s New in The Sophisticated Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro and Green iPhone 13?

Apple launched a stunning new shade in the iPhone 13 line up that will leave you green with envy.

This exquisite new shade is so distinct and gorgeous that it’s going to be a new fan favorite.

The iPhone 13 pro comes in a beautiful alpine green and the iPhone 13 comes in green. They are available from March 11 for pre-order and from March 18 for purchase.

In a recent press release, Apple said, “The new alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, created using multiple layers of nanometre-scale metallic ceramics applied across the surface, is perfectly complemented by the surgical-grade stainless steel band and textured matte back glass.”

The new green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will be available in 6.1 inch and 5.4-inch sizes respectively. The iPhones are designed with a sophisticated aluminum frame of the same color and a solid glass back with other impressive features. The alpine green shade will be available for iPhone 13 Pro and the green will be available for iPhone 13.

Image source- Apple

The iPhone 13 has gotten popular for its impeccable camera performance and advanced features for photography and visuals. It is by far Apple’s best iPhone when it comes to graphics, visuals, and camerawork.

The iPhone boasts a ceramic shield outer covering glass which is sturdier than any other smartphone glass out there.

It also comes with a tough flat edge design. Plus, it is water-resistant!

It has a rating of IP68 which means they are splash, dust, and water-resistant.

You could drop your iPhone 13 in a puddle, shallow water, pool or get it wet in the rain, it will be perfectly okay and fully protected due to the IP68 rating that it features.

You could immerse it into water within the depth of 6 meters for up to 30mins and it will be just fine. These iPhones were tested for water resistance under controlled laboratory conditions.

The iPhone 13 features the new ultra-wide camera that uncovers every detail in the dark and enhances the dark parts of your photos. It also captures a significantly increased amount of light, 47% to be precise. This makes your photos and videos look spectacular.

Image source- Apple

It has a remarkable cinematic mode that will make any amateur a professional cinematographer. The rack focus technique used by filmmakers can be easily brought to your videos via the iPhone 13’s flawless camera features.

The cinematic mode creates picturesque depth effects and focuses on transitions. Once you start recording in cinematic mode, the camera will focus on the subject and create a spectacular depth of field effect around the subject. Your videos will now look professional!

Not just that but the Cinematic mode also shoots in Dolby Vision HDR.

With night mode, your pictures will come out bright, clear, and vibrant even in low light.

Image source- Apple

Portrait mode focuses on the subject and blurs the background around the subject to create a beautiful depth effect. There are six innovative lighting effects you can try with portrait mode.

The iPhone 13 features Smart HDR 4, Deep fusion, Ultra-Wide Camera, Photographic styles, and other impressive camera features.

The iPhone boasts the True Depth camera and A15 Bionic chip which contributes to the face ID feature for secure facial verification.

There are several options when it comes to storage. It comes with three storage capacity options. They are 128GB, 256GB, and 512 GB.

Enough for all your files, pictures, videos, music and data to be stored without any hitch.

The iPhone 13 has an extraordinary retina XDR display.

OLED display brightens by 28%, reaching 800 nits, making it easier to view in direct sunlight. For HDR content, it can still reach 1,200 nits. True blacks, bright whites, and every other shade in between will stand out. Despite this, the display sustains energy compared to earlier models.

The battery life on iPhone 13 has increased significantly with 2.5 hours of extra battery life among other extraordinary features.

All in all, the iPhone 13 has impeccable new features that are unmatched compared to other smartphones and older iPhone models.

If you admire the color green then this new iPhone 13 shade is perfect for you!

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