15 Popular Videos On TikTok In 2023

Tech15 Popular Videos On TikTok In 2023

Let’s talk about the viral videos that are shared through TikTok. These videos have millions and millions of views and all of them are entertaining in their own way. If you want to know what are the most popular videos on TikTok (based on the view count) then you might want to dive deeper into this article.

#1. Harry Potter Illusion (Zach King)


They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. 🧹#illusion #magic #harrypotter

♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick – Zach King

This TikTok video is arguably one of Zach King’s hit trends that made him more popular on TikTok. Everyone in the content industry has Zach known as the master of illusion and fun things that will make you question what is it exactly and how is the video done. This is what this specific video embodies, it is basically Zach in a Harry Potter costume with a mind-boggling stunt of him just riding a flying broom and then later it was shown that it was only a glass; but is that really how the video is made? For sure there’s more to making this video but that is one heck of a stunt. This video currently has 2.2 billion views with 20 million likes!

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#2. Christmas Theme transition (James Charles)


Welcome to the Sisters Christmas Party! 🎅🏻❤️ #fyp #christmas #HolidayBeat

♬ Tactical Christmas – Chivi 😘

James Charles with his cool transition for this Christmas, having him earn a total of 1.7 billion views alone, usually James Charles is known for make-ups and other content, but this cool little transition video is something that He should be proud of; from having a simple setting at home to totally changing the theme of his home with decorations and extra things to Christmas is really cute and festive.

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#3. Hide and Seek Illusion (Zach King)

Another entry by our favorite illusion magician; this time a little different from his Harry Potter themed video, earning him the 3rd Spot for this list and making it his second top video is the Hide and Seek illusion, in the video he found himself stuck and not having a spot to hide so he decided to quickly just jump into the mirror and just have himself stuck and out of spot; ending the video with a mind-twisting how’d he get back down there? As of writing this video has almost 18K comments with an astonishing 1.1Million views.

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#4. That’s not a glass, that’s a cake. (Zach King)


Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?? #perspective #magic

♬ Glass Half Full Zach King – Zach King

Dang, Zach really has TikTok’s top to himself, in this specific video, it’ll start with Zach just casually filling up a water glass to half but randomly stating “some see this glass as half full, and some see it as half empty” putting the glass to the table and saying, “But I see it as a piece cake” and suddenly slicing the glass and revealing that it was a cake all along! But how did he place water in it?

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#5. Bounce Face (Bella Poarch)

One of the original popular lip-sync bounce head type videos that became really popular when TikTok initially launched, from the content creator named Bella Poarch; this simple video was literally taken with the phone on zoom to his cute face while lowkey lip-syncing to the song M to the B by Millie, literally Bella just keeps on making a bounce vibe to the beat and making cute faces, really simple clip but earned her; her own top video with 740+ Million views.

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#6. Painting Loop (Zach King)


⚠️ Caution wet paint. Who watched until the end??

♬ original sound – Zach King

Another entry by the illusion magic king! Sadly, the last for the list too, Zach with his painting loop this is when Loops are getting popular on TikTok, hence it earns around 660 million views. The video goes as Zach casually painting a wall, but he comes out of the “room” from the wall and it’s just so confusing how he keeps on making this illusion, this continues to loop, and a guy comes in bumping into the paint and the n just repeating in a different circumstance.

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#7. What are you two doing? (Rahim Abram)


A random video with a Serbian text caption basically the video is Rahim feeling up a cup with coke and having it drip to the floor while her mother is cleaning and then later in the video it is shown that He is with his grandma and they’re just awkwardly smiling in the camera, even after his mom put a bucket in his head; his grandma continued. This video earned him 470+ Million views.

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#8. Vibin’ to Say it Right (Jami Big Sorrel Horse)

This video is just one of the dances it types but it is from Jami a creator who uses himself on stitches of other people dancing, but he owned this song with his confidence and vibe; it is basically a quick snippet of him vibing to the sped-up remix of Nelly’s Sat It Right song, this gained him 50+Million likes and about 435 million views.

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#9. Happy Baby (Daexo)

Have you ever seen such a cute smiling gorgeous baby, well if you haven’t this video is definitely for you. One look and you’ll know that the TikTok world would make her such a cute famous little baby. This is uploaded by the user Daexo, it is just a cute pretty baby with her mother’s hands touching her face on the beat of the song. Currently with almost 450k comments and almost 400 million views.

#10. Shookt Dance (Kool Kid Nelly)


How did she know this dance😱🔥 DC: @DENNISMIK💫

♬ Calm Down – Rema

Thought he fell? Well see again, Kool Kid Nelly acted like he fell from the escalator and started dancing, the cool thing about it is the lady in front of him knew this exact dance so she joined! We are not sure of this scripted, but it is cute none the less. Earning him around 390 million views.

#11. Unique Photography (Jordi Koalitic)

Photographers from TikTok are extremely underrated but this specific set of photos and the way he captured it is just one thing that should be in this list, a photo setlist plus behind the scene of the photos by Jordi is one of TikTok’s most popular video, the way he frames the photos, the complex ideas of how a photo can be taken to make the most out of what they have is just insane; this one’s unexplainable so if you like photography you should start watching this video. 362 million views for such an insane photo set list.

#12. TimeWarpScan Filter (Billie Eilish)

From the artist that became a trend herself on the pandemic herself, a random quick snippet of her trying the TimeWarpScan filter from TikTok, Billie just goofing around randomly and trying a wacky face and wacky use of the filter; that got her a quick 356 million views. that’s all, nothing more—nothing less.

#13. Wow it’s that easy (Khaby Lame)

An entry by one of TikTok users faves, the guy that shows how simple life can be. Khaby Lame coming in for the 13th most popular TikTok video, for this video she showed how simple it can be that you do not need a mirror for the back passenger seat of a vehicle, all you have to do is to check prior to going out of a car, wow; great common sense Khaby, I hope everyone has that! This video currently has 35+ million likes with 353 million views.

#14. Definitely not a frog (Nadir Sailov)


look to the end 😅 a frog climbed into the closet 🐸 😂

♬ Laxed – Jawsh 685

Okay a video that got me standing up in my chair while checking, a video by Nadir that has the caption “a form climbed into the closet” so everyone’s hoping for a frog to come out but he slowly opened the closet and look what’s in it! The jumps care spider filter coming in clutch for this surprising quick jump-scarey TikTok video that got him 14million likes and about 320 million views!

#15. No need to cut it (Khaby Lame)


Could be the new Khaby ?🤣🤣 👩🏿‍🦱 🤲🏾 Potrebbe essere il nuovo Khaby? #learnfromkhaby #imparacontiktok #stitch

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame
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