5 Best Music Recognition Apps To Find Songs By Their Tune

TechTips & Tricks5 Best Music Recognition Apps To Find Songs By Their Tune

“Are you constantly humming a tune, but can’t seem to put a name to it? Or perhaps you hear a song playing on the radio, but don’t know the artist or title? Look no further, music lovers! We’ve scoured the internet and tested out various music recognition apps to bring you the cream of the crop. From Shazam to SoundHound, these top 5 apps will have you identifying those elusive songs in no time. So put on your dancing shoes and let’s get started!”

#1. Shazam

Music Recognition Apps To Find Songs By Their Tune
Source: Google Play

The Shazam app is a highly popular song recognition tool known for its fast and efficient performance, as well as its three-panel attractive interface. Despite the occasional annoyance of ads on the free version, the app offers a variety of options once a song is identified, such as playing a preview, watching the YouTube video, and displaying lyrics. The app also features a pop-up tool for identifying music while using other apps and offline identification when the user is back online. Additionally, Shazam can also recognize posters, magazines, and movies using the camera, and includes a QR code reader. Users can also discover popular songs in their area and access them through music apps such as Spotify and Google Play Music.

#2. Music ID

5 Best Music Recognition Apps To Find Songs By Their Tune
Source: App advice

Introducing MusicID, the sleek and simple music recognition app for both Android and iOS users. The app boasts a minimalist main screen, featuring a prominent listen button as well as a convenient feed of previously identified songs. Simply hit the listen button and hold your device up to the music, and MusicID will quickly identify the song for you, complete with album art, artist information, and the option to take notes. Furthermore, the app offers a list of similar songs, YouTube videos, and metadata for extra discovery. If the bigger name music ID apps don’t quite meet your needs, give MusicID a try for its quick and straightforward approach.

#3. SoundHound

Best Music Recognition Apps To Find Songs By Their Tune
Source: Soundhound

SoundHound is a music identification app similar to Shazam, with a few key differences. Its main feature is a large button on the homepage to start tagging music and support for voice controls, allowing users to search for music, navigate the app and start identifying songs. The app also includes a standalone Hound voice assistant, though it is not as widely used as Google Assistant or Siri. The app allows users to explore different genres, search for songs, artists and albums, and includes a built-in music player. After tagging a song, users can purchase it, add it to their favorites, read the lyrics, or see what album it came from. Additionally, SoundHound supports singing or humming music to identify it, which is a unique feature compared to other apps. The app is supported by ads and offers an upgrade option to remove them.

#4. Genius

Music Recognition Apps To Find Songs By Their Tune
Source: Google play

Genius is a song finder app that makes it easy for users to discover new music and access lyrics to their favorite songs. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, the app allows users to navigate a massive song library and view top charts, making it simple to find the latest hits or rediscover old favorites. The app also features real-time lyrics, allowing users to follow along as they listen. Additionally, users can search for any song and view lyrics, and even play the video of the song. The app also allows users to download lyrics for offline viewing and offers a comprehensive video library for additional music discovery. Genius is available on Google Play and is a great tool for music lovers looking to expand their listening and discovery experience.

#5. Musixmatch

5 Best Music Recognition Apps To Find Songs By Their Tune

Musixmatch is a unique song finder and media app that is solely focused on providing lyrics and song recognition. Despite this singular focus, it excels at finding songs. The app’s floating lyrics feature can display lyrics for almost any song in the world and even highlights words in real-time as the song plays in the background. Additionally, Musixmatch offers translated versions of lyrics, although not everysong is available in multiple languages. Users can create flashcards of lyrics and share them on social media. The premium version of Musixmatch also offers a word-by-word sync feature for singing along, similar to karaoke apps, as well as offline lyrics access.


Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive app like Shazam or a more focused option like Musixmatch, there’s something out there for everyone. SoundHound, Genius, and MusicID are also great choices for finding songs by their tune. Each app has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s worth trying out a few to see which one works best for you. With the help of these music recognition apps, you’ll never have to wonder what that catchy tune you heard on the radio was again!

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