AirPods Pro 2: What’s New This Time Apple Event 2022

NewsAirPods Pro 2: What's New This Time Apple Event 2022

Apple first introduced the AirPods Pro in October 2019, so a new pair is surely overdue. AirPods Pro 2 is finally introduced on September 7 alongside the iPhone 14 series. Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Pro.

Apple’s forthcoming wireless earbuds, speculated to be called AirPods Pro 2, are expected to include a more premium design and enhanced noise cancellation. However, they did not make an appearance in October like we expected them to alongside the cheaper AirPods 3. To that end, when will Apple debut the AirPods Pro 2? The question is, what capabilities will they have? Everything we know at this point is as follows.

Design for AirPods Pro 2.

Indications from many sources point to a “major overhaul” for the AirPods Pro 2. A rounder form, like that of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Sony WF-1000XM4, has been speculated to be in Apple’s future.

According to Bloomberg, however, it has been difficult to fit all the necessary components—such as microphones, wireless antennas, and noise cancellation—into the tiny casing of the AirPods Pro headphones. This may explain why the ‘major overhaul’ was reportedly abandoned.

Based on recent to-scale 3D comparisons by Apple concept graphic artist Ian Zelbo, Apple-savvy blog MacRumours believes a stemless design is no longer in the works. Zelbo’s latest scaled comparison “actively suggests” that the next-generation AirPods Pro would use skin-detect sensors like the third-generation AirPods 3, rather than the optical sensors featured on the original AirPods Pro.

Approximately how much will the AirPods Pro 2 set you back?

We can only guess at the pricing, but unless Apple springs a surprise, rumours suggest the future earphones will be about the same as the current model, which is roughly £249/$249.

Enhanced capabilities

What new features could we see in the upcoming generation of AirPods Pro? As with any Apple update, there will be both new functionality and refinements to previously available ones.

Increased monitoring of health and fitness is a topic that has received much attention. Or even something to complement augmented reality capabilities. In any case, Apple has remained silent thus far. So, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

  • A sound recording that suffers no quality loss

What more steps will Apple take to enhance audio quality? It has been widely speculated that the business will provide support for lossless audio via the ALAC audio codec. After all, listening to Apple Music’s lossless music on headphones would be pointless if it couldn’t be heard properly. Because lossless audio requires significantly more bandwidth, Apple will need to develop close interaction between the new AirPods Pro and its phones, tablets, and laptops. Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless codec was the first to enable lossless audio transmission over Bluetooth, but it requires compatibility with Qualcomm’s chipsets on both the headphones and the audio source.

  • Transparency and active noise cancellation (ANC)

Even though the AirPods Pro offer the highest degree of transparency of any wireless earphones, we’d be happy with any upgrades Apple makes in this regard. Our primary interest is on the ANC mechanism. Though it was among the most effective noise-cancelling headphones on the market at the time, several new ANC earbuds have been developed and released since 2019. When compared to other high-quality headphones, such as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds or the Sony WF-1000XM4, the AirPods Pro fall short. The AirPods Pro 2 will have significantly enhanced ANC.

  • Increased durability of batteries

Although Apple’s track record on prioritising battery life isn’t exactly encouraging (the AirPods family typically ranks in the bottom half of battery life rankings in their respective categories), we can hope. More than five hours of use on a single charge is possible, especially if ANC and lossless audio are both optional.

  • The use of activity sensors

For a long time now, people have been speculating about this one, but it has yet to come to fruition. Indeed, that is logically sound. After all, if Apple can use the Apple Watch’s sensors to offer a plethora of data that can be linked to its Health and Apple Fitness+ products, then there’s no reason not to collect similar information from your headphones as well.

The new sensors in the third-generation AirPods use infrared light to differentiate between skin and other items or material, marking a departure from previous methods of wear detection. Could this technology be upgraded to also sense things like blood oxygen levels and pulse rate? Considering that the newest Apple Watches have this capability already, is there any use in doing that? We will know in due time.

  • High-Quality Audio

The sound quality of the AirPods range of wireless earbuds has never been outstanding. We know Apple is capable of producing high-quality sound because of the (albeit more expensive) AirPods Max. Apple needs to improve the sound quality of the AirPods Pro if it wants to keep them as a popular option among Apple lovers.

Competitive audio quality with Airpods Pro 2

Apple could do this by including support for lossless audio or by enhancing the drivers inside the AirPods Pro. Apple Lossless (ALAC) compatibility. As reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, will be included in the AirPods Pro 2, allowing for higher quality streaming without the loss of data typically associated with low bitrate Bluetooth transmission.

As a result, the AirPods Pro 2 would be capable of reproducing every nuance of a musical performance, just as the composer or performer intended. It would also work well with the lossless audio streaming of Apple Music.

Controllers for Airpods Pro 2

Several Apple patents deal with the operation of earphones. Leading to speculation that the AirPods Pro 2 would feature some cutting-edge new features.

One of the latest rumours surrounding the upcoming AirPods Pro 2. It is that they will feature codewords and voices that can “break past” the headphones’ active noise cancelling features.

To avoid losing out on crucial discussions while using active noise cancellation. A new patent application dubbed “Interrupt for noise-cancelling audio devices” describes a new function.

Furthermore, Apple will have the capacity to manage its true wireless earbuds using future “in-air gestures,” as described in a patent that will be granted in 2020.

In the patent, Apple explains how in-air movements like hovering a hand over the AirPods might complement the touch controls presently used by the AirPods Pro.

Comparison of the AirPods Pro 2 vs the original AirPods

Although we can speculate, it is too soon to know how Apple’s latest Pro offering will measure up to its predecessor.

They could be lighter if the stems were shorter or eliminated altogether. Which would also allow the charging case to be more compact. It might also make room for higher-end drivers, leading to enhanced audio quality. Since there may be more space for noise-cancelling components. We anticipate Apple’s most advanced in-ear noise-cancellation to date. Although it may not be activated with a stem squeeze (which we actually found a little fiddly anyway).

Airpods Pro 2 Workout Functions

According to a newly uncovered patent. The AirPods Pro 2 might track your workouts and provide suggestions for how you can get better. The patent describes a “Wireless Ear Bud with Pose Detection,”. Which may indicate that Apple is planning to add more fitness-oriented capabilities to future AirPods versions.

The patent describes how “ear buds may have sensors to obtain orientation information” using accelerometer measurements made while the user is in motion. It also specifies that a “host electronic device” is required for the earbuds to connect with one another. In order to get coaching and feedback, which includes monitoring your bodily movements and providing guidance based on that information.

Closing Remark

The information we have about the Apple AirPods Pro 2 ends there. On September 7th, we anticipate an announcement. At which point we’ll learn whether or not the rumours about their appearance and functionality were accurate.

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