Chrome Is Getting 3 New Generative AI Features

NewsChrome Is Getting 3 New Generative AI Features

Google has recently announced the addition of three new generative AI features to its Chrome browser, enhancing user experience with advanced AI capabilities. These features, available on Chrome for Mac and Windows, are a significant step in integrating AI technology into everyday web browsing.

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  1. Tab Organizer: This feature leverages AI to manage and classify open tabs in the Chrome browser. Users who often have multiple tabs open will find this feature particularly useful. The AI suggests ways to group these tabs based on their content. For instance, if you have several shopping-related tabs open, the AI might group them under a label like “Shopping.” This automatic grouping helps in keeping the browser organized and makes navigating through tabs more efficient.
  2. AI-Powered Writing Assistant: Set to be released in the next month’s Chrome update, this feature acts as an AI writing tool that helps users compose text across various platforms, including drafting online reviews, social media posts, or even writing business emails. The assistant can be accessed by right-clicking on a text box and selecting “Help me write.” Users can start typing a few words, and the AI will assist in completing the sentence or suggesting ways to continue the text. This tool aims to streamline the writing process and make it more efficient.
  3. Custom AI Themes: In line with the generative AI wallpaper experience available on Android 14 and Pixel devices, Chrome now allows users to create custom browser themes. This feature utilizes a text-to-image diffusion model, enabling users to generate themes based on desired subjects, moods, visual styles, and colors. Accessible through the “Customize Chrome” button, this tool allows for a more personalized browsing experience, giving users the freedom to tailor the browser’s appearance to their preferences.

These features are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate AI into its products, aiming to make web browsing more efficient and personalized. While the tab organizer and theme creator are rolling out in the current Chrome release (M121), the writing assistant will be available in the next update. However, it’s important to note that these features are still experimental and may not be available to enterprise and educational customers at this time.

The integration of these AI features into Chrome represents a significant advancement in how users interact with their browsers, reflecting a broader trend in technology towards more personalized and AI-enhanced experiences​​​​​​.

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Neil S
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