Google Pixel 6 will beat Samsung with Two Features

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Google is all set to push its luck in the flagship arena with the Google Pixel Series. While the upcoming Google Pixel 6 series is said to resurface around October, it’s already creating a lot of buzz. The Pixel Series is the company’s bet against Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series. And now, in 2021, the company is all geared up to introduce the Pixel 6. The all-new Pixel 6 is ready to ship in a completely new look and with upgraded hardware.

If rumors are to be believed, this phone shall feature a 6.2-inch OLED display with support for Full HD+ resolution at 1080×2340 pixels. The screen offers a pixel density of 416 PPI and Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection. The latest Pixel device shall run on the all-new Snapdragon 870 Octa-Core chipset, paired with 6GB RAM supporting a 5G network. 

Pixel 6 will be the first Pixel phone to carry more than two cameras. For imaging purposes, Pixel 6 shall flaunt a triple rear camera that will consist of a 16MP sensor, 16MP ultra-wide sensor, and 12MP telephoto sensor. The phone also gets a single 12MP selfie camera that shall support video calls. Any additional features of the phone shall include an on-screen fingerprint sensor, headphone jack, wireless charging, and face unlock. 

Google Pixel 6 will beat Samsung with Two Features
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In order to distinguish itself from other Android phones, Google shall introduce its in-house chipset- ‘WhiteChapel’ with its Pixel 6.

Despite being loaded with features, if Pixel 6 wants to rank among the best Android phones, it will have to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Series, which had arrived early this year and has set a high benchmark for other Android handsets.

For its 2021 flagship Galaxy S21 series, Samsung launched three new smartphones, with The Galaxy S21 Ultra being the top model, which showcased some impressive camera hardware, a fast-refreshing display, an amazing telephoto, and exceptional performance for an Android phone no matters the cost, Setting up a high bar for the Pixel 6 to clear.

For a couple of years, Google has constantly been strengthening its pixel series, offering a great phone loaded with features for a great price, and Pixel 5 offered the best value for a 2020 phone.

Google has always dreamt of showcasing its Pixel phones as iPhones of the Android. But one thing that has always hindered its dream was not providing support for multiple generations of Android updates.

Pixel 6 to get Updates for Five Major Android Versions!

Google Pixel 6 will beat Samsung with Two Features

However, with its Pixel 6, Google is looking to change this. If reports are to be believed, The all-new Google’s Pixel 6 will get almost double the support than any of its previous releases.

Previously, Pixel phones got only three years’ support for Android updates, and this commitment was recently matched by Samsung. 

Google has decided to double the support on Android updates for its upcoming Pixel 6 phones.

This means all Pixel 6 models- the Pixel 6 and the Pixel XL, as well as any other phone Google released up till 2022, will get five years’ worth of support on Android updates. This is a very welcoming and significant move by Google.

The stepping stone to providing five years’ worth of Android updates for the Pixel 6 is Google’s all-new custom processor- Whitechapel. Since Google has developed it in-house, they are very confident that it can handle five or more Android updates.

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Why did Google choose to do this?

It’s quite obvious that Google did this to beat Samsung. Currently, Samsung had maintained its reputation for offering the best support for Android updates on selected models. And as the creator of Android, Google decided to provide five years’ worth of Android updates.

By offering this in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google wants to persuade some of the Samsung users towards itself and set up a roadmap in place for other smartphone companies that go well into the future and lead others with respect to Android updates.

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Google’s 3D Face Unlock Technology shall make a return.

Secondly, Reports also suggest that 3D facial authentication powered by the well-built Soli radar chip shall make a return with Pixel 6. After being launched in the Pixel 4, and Google decided to drop it for the Pixel 5, it will be a welcomed inclusion and shall give a tough competition to Apple’s Face ID system.

Evidently, an under-display fingerprint sensor is most also most likely to be featured on the Pixel 6. If the 3D facial authentication build on Soli tech shall return, it is obviously bad news for Samsung’s S21 models, which don’t feature a 3D facial recognition technology.


Keeping these updates in mind, let’s see what Google has to offer to its fans who have been waiting eagerly for Pixel 6 since the Pixel 5 was released. Will it be able to keep up with the impressive Samsung Galaxy S21?

In the end, which phone is the ultimate winner will depend a lot on how the WhiteChapel chip in the Pixel 6 behaves, and it will be able to provide support for five years worth of Android update. If yes, it would be a massive win for Google’s Pixel phones.

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