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Android TV will soon have the best features of Chromecast with Google TV

Android TV is gearing for another big update that Google has announced today. Recommendations and the watchlist are two of Google TV’s best features on the docket this week. Recommendations available first on the Chromecast with Google TV use Google’s algorithm to show users TV shows and movies they might want to see based on previous ratings. However, you can change the algorithm by rating more films.

The second new feature is the watchlist, allowing users to add films and shows they like while looking at the interface to a single row of the home page. This will help the users to keep track of the content they’ve meant to watch but, for some reason, haven’t found the time yet, and adding a show or movie to the list is as convenient as clicking on the card and clicking “add to watchlist.”

Now, the question is, how soon will users see these features? Well, according to a Google report, from the beginning of this week, they’ll start to see these new features on their Android TV. 

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What Are The Other Google Android Supported App Stores Apart From Google Play Store?

Android TV vs. Smart TV: what’s the difference? 

Android TV
Android TV

Let’s start with App Library; AndroidTV enjoys a vast collection of apps, and the reason behind this is Play Store support. Users will find all sorts of apps that they normally use on their smartphones. From YouTube to Netflix to Prime Video, Roku and Hulu, everything is present on Android TV. The outstanding part is that all of the apps are designed for the TV platform and have automatic controls for the bigger screen.

If we talk about smart TVs that mostly run Tizen OS or WebOS, they have limited app assistance. Users won’t find many apps in its store, apart from popular apps like YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix. 

 If we compare the timely updates, here also smart TV is behind from Android TVs. Because there are hardly any updates on smart Tv but Android TV, developers regularly try to push new updates to various apps.

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How To Connect To A VPN On Android?

Some Interesting Facts Of Smart TV And Android TV:

Smart Tv
Smart Tv

  1. Many Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, dongles like Chromecast with Google TV, and Fire TV Stick can turn your normal TV into a smart TV.
  2. Smart TVs are normally faster in performance than Android TVs and also offer a simple and user-friendly interface. The boot time is also much better than Android TVs.
  3. Some flaws in Android TV are not on par with smart TVs, like its performance; second, users should have some basic knowledge about the Android ecosystem.

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