Popular YouTuber faces backlash after Calling Pokemon UNITE a ‘Scam’

NewsPopular YouTuber faces backlash after Calling Pokemon UNITE a 'Scam'

Mobile games can use a variety of techniques to encourage players to spend money within the game. For instance, offering in-game currency or items for purchase, using “loot box” systems where players can purchase randomized virtual items, or using “energy systems.” This limit the amount of time a player can spend in the game before having to wait. Or spend money to continue playing. These techniques can be seen as “scams” by some players. Because it can lead to players spending more money than they intended. However, many mobile game developers argue that these systems allow them to continue to support and improve the game. Along with new content and features. It’s important to be aware of these systems and set personal spending limits if you are concerned about spending too much on mobile games.

Arun Rupesh Maini, also known as Mrwhosetheboss, is a prominent tech YouTuber with over 11.8 million subscribers. After the release of his video, he received a huge backlash from the Pokemon UNITE community for calling out various monetization mechanics in the game as a scam.

Brief About The Video

In the video, Mrwhosetheboss presents a detailed explanation of how some mobile games, such as Call of Duty Mobile, Pokemon UNITE, and Diablo Immortal, exploit players. And how they manipulate them into purchasing premium in-game rewards in trade for a quicker progression in the game. He argues that these monetization mechanics are designed to trick players. So they spend more money than they intended which looks like a form of scam.

Mrwhosetheboss also claims that mobile games, specifically Pokemon UNITE, use certain monetization mechanics. And that can be seen as manipulative and potentially scam-like. He points out that many games offer premium rewards such as a Battle Pass, which players can purchase to unlock a plethora of rewards. So, the rewards help them progress faster than free players. In the case of Pokemon UNITE, these rewards include exclusive cosmetics skins for various Pokemon in the game.

In addition to that, Mrwhosetheboss explains in the video that mobile games use various microtransaction strategies. Therefore it can be seen as a sham. He specifically targets the popular 5v5 MOBA game Pokemon UNITE, accusing the game of using these strategies to scam players into spending money. He also claimed that the game requires players to spend a significant amount of money. So they are able to upgrade items necessary for proper gameplay. He also argues that the progression of items in the game is so slow. And that players feel compelled to make purchases in order to advance.

YouTuber alleged Pokémon Unite hides the real cost of in-game items

Shortly after the release of this video, various Pokemon UNITE content creators expressed their disagreement with Mrwhosetheboss’s video. They argued that the monetization mechanics in the game are not inherently scam-like and are necessary for the game’s development and improvement. Some content creators also made their own response videos explaining how they believe Mrwhosetheboss was wrong in his statements.

This incident highlights the endless debate about the use of monetization mechanics in mobile games. Some argue that these systems are necessary for game developers to continue to support and improve the game with new content and features. Others, like Mrwhosetheboss, argue that these systems can be manipulative and lead to players spending more money than they intended.

Mrwhosetheboss also highlights a clip of a developer explaining a strategy called “the first spend.” This strategy, used by game developers, encourages players, to make their first purchase within the game. The developers typically offer the first purchase at a very cheap rate, making it more appealing and enticing players to make the purchase.

This first purchase is a key point to make the player feel like they got a good deal, and it opens the door for more microtransactions in the future. Mrwhosetheboss indicates it as a tactic used to manipulate players into spending more money than they intended to. He argues that it’s a way for developers to make money from players, who may not be aware of how these microtransactions work.

Massive Backlash from the Pokémon Unite community including several famous YouTubers After The Release

The video generated a lot of controversy on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Along with many members of the Pokemon UNITE community taking issue with his claims. While some players and content creators argue that the monetization mechanics in the game are not inherently scam-like. Others believe that these systems are manipulative and lead to players spending more money than they intended.

Famous Cloud9 streamer, CrisHeroes, also commented on the situation by posting on Twitter with the caption “I can’t,” which could suggest he is feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by the influx of memes and trolls on the subreddit.

Popular Youmuus has also posted on Twitter calling Mrwhosetheboss a clown for making such a video, which is a strong form of criticism.

Importantly, Pokémon Unite content creator Krashy made a 52-minute response video, in which he explains his point of view on the matter and provides counter-arguments to Mrwhosetheboss’s claims.

Final Verdict

Lastly, Many players and content creators have argued that while the game does include some microtransaction strategies, it is not predatory for players. They also point out that the game is completely free-to-play and can be played without spending any money. So the question of Pokemon UNITE being a pay-to-win game is proven to be incorrect by the community

It is positive that the community is now seeing the game in this way, as it was not the case when the game was first launched. It shows that the developers were able to improve the game. And also make it more accessible to players, and the community’s perception of the game has changed. It’s important to note that while the game developers may have microtransactions. But, it is not necessarily pay-to-win. It’s up to the players to decide whether or not to spend money. Or how much they want to spend.

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