Friday, September 30, 2022
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convert WEBP image file

How To Quickly Convert WebP Image File To JPG On Mac

Are there WebP pictures you've downloaded to your Mac and would like to convert to JPEG format? If so, you'll be happy to know...
podcast editing software

14 Best Podcast Editing Software For Mac

2022 is definitely the year of podcasts. There has been a significant surge in the numbers in terms of podcast listeners or viewers. People...
iOS 16 Battery Life Draining

iOS 16 Battery Life Draining Fast On iPhone: Issue Fixed

Several new and improved features have been added to iOS 16, which Apple has just revealed. Many people report that their batteries drain rapidly...

10 Best Sound Recorder For mac

In addition to being easy to use, Mac computers also deliver impressive results. When it comes to creating and manipulating media files, macOS has...
Disk Utility For Mac

Disk Utility For Mac: A Complete Guide

Disk Utility For Mac is the tool to use when you suspect a problem with your hard drive or want to make a backup...
encrypt Files On Mac

Encrypt Files On Mac- Know How

It is beneficial to learn how to Encrypt Files on Mac. By adding an additional layer of protection, you can ensure that your data...

How To Unsend Messages On iPhone, iPad, And Mac

While we are in a rush, we send the message to the wrong person, sometimes we might make a typing mistake, or we might...
App Store Not Working On MacOS Monterey

Your System Has Run Out Of Application Memory Error Received In macOS – Fixed

If there were a race to see who could release the most buggy macOS update, macOS Monterey would easily win. The "Your system has...
Macbook apps take storage

Macbook Apps Taking Too Much Storage

High-resolution video, images, music, and other vital things like Macbook apps take storage space these days, compared to the days when our computers had...
Time Machine Can't See Old Backups in macbook

Time Machine Has Stopped Working On Mac June 2022:Fixed

Several customers have complained that Time Machine has stopped when they try to back up their Mac using Time Machine after updating to Monterey,...