What Does DTB Mean When Texting?

TechWhat Does DTB Mean When Texting?

Texting has become a ubiquitous form of communication in today’s world, and with it comes a whole new language of acronyms and abbreviations. While some of these terms are widely understood, others can be more obscure and may leave you wondering what they mean. 

One acronym that you may have come across is DTB. You may have seen it on TikTok, text messages or snapchat and wondered what it meant. There are many acronyms with multiple meanings, so it is important to know the context of the word first. In this article, we will explore the meaning of DTB when texting and provide some context for how it is commonly used.

What Does DTB Mean When Texting
What Does DTB Mean When Texting?

History of DTB

Don’t Text Back,” or DTB, has been in use as an acronym for quite some time, with the earliest definition on Urban Dictionary dating back to around 2008. While DTB was originally used in SMS messaging, it can now be seen in various digital conversation contexts. Its use has also evolved somewhat from its original purpose of conserving limited messages.

Definition of DTB

In normal text messages, DTB stands for “Don’t Text Back” and is often used when someone wants to keep a conversation one-sided or does not want a response to their message. It can be used in various situations, such as when someone wants to be left alone or no longer wants to continue the conversation. 

For example, you might use DTB when you’re in a work meeting, spending time with loved ones, or trying to take a break from your phone. You can use it like: “I’ll meet you after work. In a meeting, DTB.”  In any situation where you don’t want to be interrupted by a text message, DTB can be a useful way to let the other person know that you don’t want to receive a reply at that time. It’s important to consider the context in which DTB is used and be aware of its meaning, as it is not as well-known as some other messaging shorthand. If the recipient of a message with DTB is not familiar with the abbreviation, they may respond in a way that is opposite to what was intended.

Alternative Meanings of DTB

There’s a new acronym taking over TikTok: DTB. As the list of unique lingo on the platform continues to grow, it can be hard to keep track of all the new terms and abbreviations. 

On TikTok, the acronym DTB has a different meaning than it does in a text message. In TikTok content, DTB is commonly used to mean “Don’t Trust Boys,” and there is also a derogatory variant that refers to females as “Don’t Trust B***hes.” This alternative meaning for DTB is often used in hashtags at the end of posts, videos, or stories about failed relationships or instances of being treated badly. While this meaning for DTB seems to have originated on TikTok, it has now spread to other social media platforms as well.

You can also find various other possible meanings of this abbreviation at abbreviationfinder.org. Other common interpretations are “Don’t Turn Back” or “Down the Bar”.


In conclusion, DTB is an acronym that can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In text messages and other digital conversations, DTB stands for “Don’t Text Back” and is used to indicate that the sender does not want a response or does not want to continue the conversation. On TikTok and other social media platforms, DTB commonly means “Don’t Trust Boys” and can also have a derogatory variant that refers to females as “Don’t Trust B***hes.” It is important to consider the context in which DTB is used to understand its intended meaning.

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