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WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram Are Working Now!

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram went down together today, and the world can’t hold still. Within a few minutes of these popular social media sites going down, users are trying to figure out all possible ways to get these started as soon as possible.

However, after the nine hour downtime, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have started to work once again. WhatsApp posted a relieving tweet for the users on the 5th of October.

When Will WhatsApp Start Working?

As soon as our most used social media app stopped sending messages, most of us probably double-checked our internet connections. Moreover, some users may have gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling the app in the hope of fixing any bugs or fixes in the app.

In addition, many even switched off their phones and restarted to fix the problem.
However, users breathed a great sigh of relief after WhatsApp posted this on their Twitter wall. But wait, is that all?

Thousands of users have initiated the hashtag #server down, #facebookdown #DeleteFacebook, #Internetshutdown and so on. These are just endless, and we can only wait for WhatsApp to start working again so that our pending messages, voice notes, videos and pictures may reach our friends, families and colleagues as soon as possible.

While many users expressed their concern about the issue, Telegram messenger used its wit to make use of the situation.

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WhatsApp, FaceBook And Instagram: When Will Facebook Be Fixed?

Along with WhatsApp, even Facebook, the world’s most popular and highly used social media network, went down too. Moreover, it also stopped online businesses, marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, virtual events and so on around the globe.

It is only natural that people get enraged after not been able to use Facebook. But, once again, we see this tweet from the tech company and wait for it to start working again to resume our businesses.

Mike Schroepfer, CTO at Facebook requested users on Twitter to wait a wee bit more as they are facing network issues. To this a user commented that he has been working in the IT department for decades but has never witnessed a critical outrage for longer than three hours.

However, Facebook too have gotten up and running way before WhatsApp and here’s what the community tweeted.

When Will Instagram Be Back Up?

When will Instagram be fixed, and when will it start working again? These questions are ruminating on the minds of regular Instagram users. The photo-sharing platform is a hub of influencers, marketers, and business owners.

Now imagine the panic all the influencers are going through right now as they have to upload their latest activities and brand endorsements. Instagram not working is probably is a nightmare for youngsters more than anyone. But again, this is what Instagram has left for us on Twitter.

However, Instagram too along with Facebook is up and running slowly but surely.

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Alternative To WhatsApp Facebook Instagram: Twitter, Telegram And Signal Become Digital Saviours

While the largest three social media sites are running down with no definite answers from the companies as to when they will start working, netizens are already looking for alternatives. After all, we cannot stop communicating.

Therefore, at this moment, Twitter is trending like never before. It seems to be the only platform where netizens are pouring their hearts to the founders and expressing their anger to each other minutes after the social media sites went down.

When Will WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram Start Working?

Telegram and Signal are the second and third most used social media sites right now. So, if you are also wondering how to send that message to your cousin or send that meme pending on your WhatsApp message, then Telegram and Signal is where you should be heading towards.

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WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are the centers of our digital life. So we hope that the tech companies can fix them soon and have them running like before, maybe better. Moreover, this is also a great time to explore other interesting social media sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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