A Brief Guide To 5G Technology

NewsA Brief Guide To 5G Technology

All of us have been talking about the 5G technology for a while, and in 2022, it is finally arriving. Technology experts say that it is a revolutionary kind of internet that will change how you use your smartphone, home internet, and wireless gadgets. Furthermore, it will be useful in other futuristic fields like self-driving cars and remote surgery.

However, despite all the good that 5G promises us, there have been some bad headlines. So, in this article, I will discuss the technology behind 5G, how we reached here and if there are any concerns regarding it.

What Is 5G Technology?

Until now, we have been using 4G or the fourth generation of the internet. So 5G is the fifth generation in mobile internet technology. All the latest and future smartphones and tablets are manufactured according to 5G. They come with premium hardware to support a speed like never before.

Moreover, 5G is faster than the LTE networks we have been using today. In the US, 5G has already reached every nook and cranny of the US and will soon be reaching the other parts of the world later in 2022. On a 5G device, both the speed and coverage is different.

Comparison Of 5G Technology With Other Networks

Suppose you take Verizon’s 5G, which is very fast and is almost 1 gigabyte per second, in your day-to-day life. This means it is upto ten times faster than an average home Wi-Fi and downloads an entire TV show within minutes. However, there is a spotty coverage problem with Verizon’s 5G.

The cons are if its present one minute in one street, it disappears on the next one. Furthermore, it barely gets any network coverage inside a house. In another way, Verizon’s 5G is as good as your current network. So, unless you have a node right outside your house, you can wait for a while before moving to 5G just yet.

On the other hand, you have a T-mobile with the most comprehensive 5G plan of all the carriers in the US. In addition, it is also using a millimetre-wave on the high end, sprint’s midbrain spectrum in the middle, and the low-band 5G at the base.

What Is 5G Technology?

And last but not least is AT&T which also uses the same strategy as Verizon. It gives the high band millimetre-wave and low band sub-six 5G. However, both networks are missing the mid-band, which is covered.

So while both of them offers zapping speed of the internet in some parts of the city, what use will it be when there’s no coverage?

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Explanation Behind The Science Of 5G Technology

Take an electromagnetic radiation field or a wave of photons travelling through space. All the electromagnetic radiation, be it AM radio waves, X-rays, infrared, or even visible light, fall somewhere in the electromagnetic spectrum. The difference between electromagnetic radiation and AM radio waves is the amount of energy.

The low energy radio and microwaves are on the right end of the spectrum. These are characterized by low frequency and long wavelengths. As we travel up the spectrum, wavelengths get smaller, frequencies get higher, and the amount of energy transmitted.

AM radio, for example, broadcasts between 540 and 1600 kilohertz. It’s low energy, but those low wavelengths can travel far upto 100 miles. Furthermore, they span the globe by bouncing off the atmosphere depending on atmospheric conditions. As a result, however, the quality takes a hit.

What Is 5G Technology?

On the other hand, you get more bandwidth when we move up the spectrum to FM radio, which broadcasts somewhere between 88 and 108 megahertz. Therefore, you get high-quality broadcasts with a decrease in the range. Cellular data also runs on the same principles.

The new generation helps us improve the current technology, increasing bandwidth and higher frequencies. All of this causes results in a faster speed.


Now that you know the science behind the 5G technology, the next question is if you can use it safely? Of course, 5G or any other cellular radiation has faced many controversies, including absurd arguments. But, as I discussed above, it is the same as any other cellular technology, and cellular radiation is not harmful.

On the contrary to health hazards, 5G will find many practical uses in future, especially with the Innovation of the metaverse. But, of course, since it is a new technology, you can expect the data prices to go high and mobile data getting exhausted way before you realize it. These are some things you have to figure out, but all in all, 5G is surely going to bring a revolution.

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