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Benefits Of Using VPN

In 2021, there are tons of benefits of using a VPN. Since our lives are practically synced online, with all our details out there on the internet, using a Virtual Private Network or VPN is wise. If you are still debating and doubting whether to get one, read the advantages of using them below.

1. Keep Your Information Private

Privacy is not just what you need in your home or with people around. It is also what will help you online. Imagine how uncomfortable it will feel if a stranger barges into your house and reads through your personal data without asking for your permission! Unfortunately, something very similar is happening online since the time you first logged in to the internet.

Benefits Of Using VPN
VPN Provides security

Hackers can easily trace data like Bank account details, email IDs, passwords, personal pictures, and information. With such a vast database, hackers impersonate the user and misuse them for illegal activities like theft and fraud.

Therefore, a VPN can help hide your personal data and keep it accessible only to you. So, even if someone tries to hack in and read through your information, they will see indecipherable words and numbers. In addition, VPN uses 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

2. Provide Network Security

Nearly every search engine, website, and application is stealing your vulnerable information and misusing it in different ways. 

Don’t know how? Well, notice getting multiple pop-ups and ads related to a product or service you looked up online. That’s just one way of keeping track of your searches among many. However, you can avoid this by using a trusted VPN like Nord, to mask all your personal details and information. It is very easy for websites and search engines to know your IP address and search history. NordVPN’s CyberSec feature blocks malicious websites and ads, and the best thing about NordVpn is that even if you take a wrong turn online, the app will prevent you from accessing a dangerous site.

Benefits Of Using VPN
Phone VPN

Many unauthorized websites also sell your data to companies in exchange for money. In some cases, it could go into dangerous hands and risk your reputation and life. VPN protects your data and allows you to browse safely in the sea of online Sharks.

3. Unlock Geo-Blocked Services

Getting a VPN protects and secures your information and data, but it also helps access sites that block you. At times, some websites and search engines may block you from accessing information if your IP address comes under locations other than those they allow. In addition, certain kinds of content and communication are strictly limited to citizens of a particular country, state, or region.

Benefits Of Using VPN
Access to geo-locked servers

VPN gives you a new IP address that does not specify your location or shows your location to another region. This way, you can get access to geo-blocked sites and apps.

4. Grow Your Online Business Safely With VPN

A lot of offline businesses and work cultures are happening remotely after the pandemic. Therefore, many business owners and employers paid a lot more for setting up a private network with employers. Apart from the financial aspect, there is serious concern about data security.

VPN helps in network scalability as it allows you to safely create a network with no extra charges and share the credentials with remote working employees. In addition, employers and employees can get a cloud environment to run their applications and heavy programs.

5. Control Data Throttling

Do you ever wonder why after using a specific amount of data in a day, your internet seems to slow down? No, right? It’s because your ISP or Internet service provider keeps track of the amount of data you’re consuming. To prevent overconsumption on your end and manage data for their other users, your ISP providers intentionally slow down your connection.

This is very common and troublesome, especially if you purchase a particular subscription for your smartphone. This is where a VPN can help you. Nord VPN, an excellent choice to prevent data throttling, can avoid capping off data by your ISP. They will not be able to find out the amount of data you’re consuming and slow it down as per their wish.

6. VPN Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

Much like data throttling, bandwidth throttling happens from the same source, which is your Internet Service Provider. However, there’s a slight difference. In bandwidth throttling, your ISP intentionally slows down the internet when you try to access a specific website or Search Engine. It can happen at any time of the day and results in a lag.

Benefits Of Using VPN
Protected by VPN

VPN protects your network from such issues as it does not allow the ISP to see the traffic going and coming to your network.

7. Reduction In IT Staff Costs

On an on-site organization, one needs to pay a team of IT professionals to check for viruses, bugs, hackers, and other network issues. The cost of keeping so many staff barely helps in your overall profits, especially when it’s a relatively small organization.

Using a VPN from a trusted source like Nord VPN takes charge of all these technicalities under its wings. Moreover, since the service consists of millions of clients worldwide, you get all these features in less than half of what you’d pay earlier. This is how VPN can help in cost-cutting in organizations and businesses.


Check out Nord VPN that is not only inexpensive and efficient but also secures your data among a host of VPNs out in the market. One must be careful while using a free VPN or one that comes with multiple ads. 


5 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Use A V...
5 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Use A VPN


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