Do I Need A VPN At Home?

WebVPNDo I Need A VPN At Home?

Having a VPN in your home network is not an option anymore. We have more priceless documents in our devices than in our home vault. During these times, government institutions, advertisers, and hackers are gazing at our network all the time. It is not even safe from our Internet Service Providers selling our personal information to these bodies at high prices.

The truth is far beyond what our eyes can see. And we cannot do much about it. So the only way to protect our valuable information and activities is to get a Virtual Private Network. Moreover, getting just any VPN is not enough either. Some sellers give free VPNs that look tempting, harmless, and accessible for everyone. However, if one looks at the structure with a critical mind, the flaw will show up.

Do I Need A VPN At Home?
Protection from Data Throttling

Most free VPN sellers protect your information but, in the end, store and sell it all to big Tech companies, advertisers, and government bodies. Therefore, they are not, in the least, trustworthy. After all, why would someone give their good quality and highly useful services for absolutely nothing in return?

But don’t let us convince you too. Rather read the following reasons as to why you must think of getting a VPN at your home.

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3 Reasons You Must Get A VPN For Your Home Today

Do I Need A VPN At Home?
VPN At Home

1. Protection Against Cybercrime

In 2021, the rate of cybercrimes has increased tenfold than what it was ten years back. Moreover, we upload, download, watch, save, and store all our information and personal data from the web 24/7. Our likes, dislikes, interests, and connections are recorded on the worldwide web. In the market today, there are new storage and accessing options like Cloud storage that gives plenty of space to keep our soft copies, ID information, bank account details, and so on.

This is because hackers and government bodies are trying to get to all the time, whether we like it or not. Therefore, we as users of the internet and common people must be on our toes to protect this data. Just how we have been protecting and securing our valuables at home, a VPN is our virtual locker. It redirects our network traffic from a secure server and masks our IP addresses. 

This way, even the best hackers will not be able to crack our information easily. A good VPN like Nord encrypts our data and shows them as indecipherable numbers and symbols to outsiders.

Do I Need A VPN At Home?
Online Safety From Hackers

Get NordVPN to encrypt all data and mask your IP address

2. Crack Geo-locked Services

The image you’re in London and a friend from Texas shares a viral video or links to news of the football match, but you can’t get through! Sounds upsetting, right? Well, this is very common, and many countries and states do not allow people from another region to see their content online, no matter what it is. It could be something as fun as a movie, playing a game, or accessing a website. In such a scenario, NordVPN or a similar good quality VPN will be able to get you access to these restricted services. 

The servers of these VPNs are located in more than sixty countries from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and South Asian countries. Therefore, they mask their IP address with one from these countries that you choose. So the websites see the dedicated IP address located from their region and allow you to access their content. A static IP also helps in the smooth depositing and withdrawing of money from international banks online.

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3. Prevents Your ISP From Throttling Data

 You will be surprised to learn that third-party users, government institutions, and hackers are not the only people eyeing your network. Your Internet Service Provider is one of those sellers of your data who you might like to have the maximum protection from. Your ISP keeps an eye on the amount of traffic in your network, the websites you visit, the kind of traffic, and data transferred to alter your internet connection.

Do I Need A VPN At Home?

From time to time, your ISP slows downs the internet speed to provide for their other users. If they notice that you are consuming a lot of data, or a certain website you visit, they will automatically mess with your bandwidth regardless of your internet bills. So, installing a VPN in your WiFi is a great way to keep all your devices safe and secure.


Stop strangers from spying on your network 24/7. You don’t know who’s trying to hack your bank details from your network or if someone’s trying to get all your personal life stories out of an email you shared with your therapist. Being online is convenient for sure but not very safe. Get NordVPN to encrypt all data and mask your IP address. Nord ensures complete safety with double protection and two-factor authentication.


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