How To Enable And Disable Screenshot Editor In Google Chrome

TechHow ToHow To Enable And Disable Screenshot Editor In Google Chrome

Google development team is now working to improvise Google with the Screenshot tool and screenshot editor features, with a valuable edition. This feature is already in the canary build of the chrome but it is hidden with a feature flag. Included as a part of the Share menu in Chrome, the grabber makes it possible to take a screenshot after which you can share it with others or share it with other apps.

This screenshot editor is one of the best add up to the chrome browser, which all users love it. In this article, we will show you how you can easily enable Google Chrome’s screenshot editor in a few minutes. Just follow the below steps to enable the screenshot editor:

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⇒Use Chrome Flags to Enable Chrome Screenshot Editor

  • Open a new tab in Chrome Browser
  • Visit chrome://flags in the browser
  • Now look for Desktop screenshots in the search box

Screenshot Editor

  • Click on the dropdown and select the Enabled option for both Desktop Screenshots and Desktop Screenshot Editor Mode.
  • After Enabling both the option, just restart your browser

Screenshot Editor

  • When the browser opens after the restart, click on the Share button present at the top-right corner of the address bar to access the screenshot option.

Screenshot Editor

  • After selecting the share button, a list of options appears. Choose the Screenshot option to take screenshots within the chrome itself.

Screenshot Editor

  • After you select the Screenshot option, the browser will automatically copy the screenshot taken to the clipboard. From the screenshot, preview select the edit button to access Chrome’s screenshot editor tool.

Screenshot Editor

  • After clicking on the Edit option, it will redirect you to chrome’s screenshot interface. You can make your desired edits. At the top, you will be able to see a toolbar conataining a variety of tools, like rectangle, ellipse, arrow, line, brush, emoji, text, and crop.
  • This also allows you to mark things using a circle, arrows, lines, and highlight text as well. There is also the option to add emojis and text to the screenshot using this built-in tool in Google Chrome.
  • After editing the screenshot, you can export that to your PC by clicking the Export option present in the bottom right corner.

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How To Disable screen capture on Google Chrome using Registry

To display screen capture on Google Chrome using Registry can be achieved by following the below steps. Let’s know how it is done:

1. You need to open the Registry Editor. For that, press Win+R and type Regedit, and click the Enter button.

Screenshot Editor

2. UAC will appear, just click on the Yes button,

3. Now navigate the following path:


Screenshot Editor

4. You need to create a sub-key. For that, right-click on the Policies key, select New and a small menu will appear, click on Key.

Screenshot Editor

5. Now set the name as Google.

Screenshot Editor

6. Again, right-click on the Google key, and select New, a small menu will appear,click on the Key, and name it Chrome.

Screenshot Editor

7. You need to create a REG_DWORD value. To do that, right-click on the Chrome key, select New, and in the menu DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name that as ScreenCaptureAllowed

Screenshot Editor

8. By default, it carries a Value data of 0, and you need to keep it the same to block screen capture on Google Chrome. If you want to allow it, just double-click on this REG_DWORD value and set the Value data as 1. Then, click the OK button and restart your computer.

Screenshot Editor

9. You can also delete the REG_DWORD in the same way. Just double-click on the ScreenCaptureAllowed, select the Delete option, and click the Yes button.

As of now, there is still no option to disable to turn off the Screenshot in the Google Chrome browser. But there are multiple ways to capture your screen on the Google Chrome browser, and it is very difficult to block all of them. Somehow it is slightly possible to disable the screen capture by following the above method.

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Conclusion :

More and more features are being added to the browsers, some in response to the demand of all users, some in response to the way the internet has evolved as a technology. This newly-added screenshot editor is an amazing feature to make quick edits to screenshots before sharing them. This also empowers the users and also the improvement of the browser. For people who spend more and more time using a web browser and cloud-based tools, this makes complete sense for the software to be made as useful, powerful, and feature-rich as possible.

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