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Apps You Should Install To Make Your Phone Safe And Secure

14 Apps You Should Install To Make Your Phone Safe And Secure

A study recently said that 87% of android mobile phones are very insecure. Constantly Android and IOS are trying and giving updates to keep...
AirPods Pro Or Nothing Ear 1 Earbuds

AirPods Pro Or Nothing Ear 1 Earbuds- Which One To Buy

In recent days everyone has started using Bluetooth earphones, earbuds, and Airpods. But as the competition is increasing we have many choices in the...
Apps You Should Install To Make Your Phone Safe And Secure

What Is The Main Reason For iPhone To Get Hacked

An iPhone being hacked are not incredibly common, but it can still occur if you are not careful enough. The hacks may occur from...
How To Change PowerShell Script Execution Policy In Windows 11

3 Steps To Adjust Touchpad Sensitivity In Windows 11

What Actually Is A Touchpad Or Mouse Sensitivity? As the name suggests, however sensitive the pointer on your screen is to your actions. Plenty of individuals...
God of War Ragnarok

God Of War Ragnarok: Interesting Features You Might Haven’t Heard Of

God of War Ragnarok is the sequel to the God of War which was released in 2018. This new version of God of War...
Reon Pocket

Reon Pocket- Wearable Air Conditioner

Sony has proclaimed the launch of the second generation of its wearable cooling from its rather novel and offbeat crowdfunded product lineup. referred to as Reon Pocket a pair of, wearable AC is...
apple watch series 8

Apple Watch Series 8- Everything You Should Know

So as far as now everyone knows about the Apple Watch Series 7. Till now this tops the list of all other watches. But...
Telegram Messenger Tricks

15 Cool Telegram Messenger Tricks You Should Know 2022

In recent days there are many instant messaging apps being used. But Whatsapp remains always at the top. Telegram is also one such app...
Disk Utility On macOS Ventura

Disk Utility On mac: How It Works On macOS Ventura

What is Disk Utility? Disk utility is a built-in manager present in the Mac that can be accessed with or without booting the Mac, partitioning,...
Popular Credit Cards

8 Popular Indian Credit Cards That Come With Sweet Airport Perks

Have you ever noticed that when you enter an Airport Lounge, you feel like you have entered the dining place of any 5-star hotel?...