Apple Watch Series 8- Everything You Should Know

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So as far as now everyone knows about the Apple Watch Series 7. Till now this tops the list of all other watches. But there is always an up-gradation that Apple Brings up. Likewise, Apple is going to launch the next model that is Apple Watch Series 8. Everyone will be curious about the new launch and also some would have already heard the rumors about this. This is a new launch with lots of new features and also changes in the design of the watch series 8. In this article, you will know all the things about the next release that is Apple Watch Series 8 such as design, model, size options, health features, release date, price, and many more things. Let us get started without any delay.

Apple Watch Series 8
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Design of the Apple Watch Series 8:

Despite all the rumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 had a style that was almost the same as the  Apple Watch Series 6. That is mentioned, it had rounded edges and a larger display. The Apple Watch Series 8 style may be a tough one as a result it might go one among 2 ways in which. Whereas there is a superb probability that the new wearable will not look all like that similar to Apple Watch Series 7. That means that we tend might next year get a flat-sided Apple Watch which will match the recent iPhone and iPad models. There are also rumors that Apple will be releasing that new look later this year.

Size :

Display analyst Ross Young of the Apple Company believes that the Apple Watch Series 8 might maybe be available in 3 sizes rather than 2. So Apple is planning to add the extra sizes which will be joining the 41 and 45mm size options.

Apple Watch Series 8 fitness tracking :

Apple is trying to add up some good fitness tracking features in the Apple Watch Series 8. They are reportedly engaged in the simplest way to trace blood sugar within the Apple Watch, which might facilitate users’ notice or monitor polygenic disease. This could be an enormous addition to the device.

Apple is also now working on a skin temperature detector, that might doubtless facilitate fertility design. The temperature detector may be a massive boost to the options if it’s true. That said, most up-to-date rumors recommend that Apple might skip the temperature detector on the Apple Watch Series 8, with Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman noting that chatter concerning the temperature detector has caught up over the past few months. Bloomberg additionally reports that the much-awaited glucose monitor is about currently for 2024.

That said, new reports recommend that the Apple Watch Series 8 can offer a more robust fibrillation detection feature, even telling users how typically they are in AFib, called the “AFib burden detection.”

Chip and Connectivity:

We are not expecting the chip-powering Apple Watch Series 8 to blow anyone away. However, an encumbrance is probably going. The performance of Apple was not much with Apple Watch Series 7 compared to Apple Watch Series 6— expect a lot of of a bump now around. We can safely expect Apple to supply its next watch series with each GPS and Cellular choice, as has been the problem in previous years.

The Apple Watch Series 8 can feature an S8 chip. This will have equivalent specifications because of the S7, which suggests no major enhancements in the speed or the. Apple’s 2023 Apple Watch models can instead have an all-new processor.

Car Crash Detection:

Apple is developing a crash detection feature for the iPhone and therefore the Apple Watch, which may start off in 2022. It will use sensors just like the measuring device to discover automobile accidents after they occur by measuring a spike in gravity.

When an automobile crash is detected, the ‌iPhone‌ or the Apple Watch would mechanically dial emergency services to induce facilitate. Since it is planned for 2022, this might be a feature designed for the iPhone 14 models and therefore the Apple Watch Series 8. Though it is not seemingly to be restricted to those devices.

Low-Power Mode:

Apple Watch Series 8 is updating a new feature that is Low-Power mode. This feature will help you to function normally while the battery life is being preserved.

Sleep Apnea Detection:

Apple is planning to use the present blood O sensing element to find apnea. However, there are problems with taking frequent readings while not considerably impacting battery life. Therefore it is not clear if this feature can build it to launch.

Satellite Connectivity:

In the future, Apple is planning to bring the satellite feature to the Apple Watch, which is able to yield emergency texting and SOS response options right the gliding joint. Satellite property is returning to the ‌iPhone 14‌, and later, and they are planning to implement it in the Apple Watch.

Rugged Apple Watch:

According to Bloomberg, Apple is functioning on a version of the Apple Watch “with a rugged casing” that is geared toward athletes, hikers, etc. UN agencies use the watch in additional extreme conditions than regular wear. This feature has identical practicality to a typical Apple Watch, however with improved impact resistance and protection. Apple is anticipated to launch the rugged Apple Watch in 2022.

Apple Watch Series 8 cost and release date:

The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced at an event in September 2021. So now We expect the launch of the new watch series 8 around September of 2022. Pricing could be a tough one for numerous reasons, particularly with the present economic scenario in the US and also the world, find themselves in. Costs are volatile, and we may get a sign of what to expect once Apple announces its iPhone 14 rating previous Apple Watch Series 8. Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399 for the 41mm and $429 for the 45mm and increases from there, depending on bands and case options.


So this is the information so far about the Apple Watch Series 8. There are so many good features that are going to be updated in the Apple Watch Series 8. If you are planning to get one this is totally worth it. I hope you got the information which you were searching for and all the doubts got cleared.

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