Apple Releases The Watch Series 7 With An Advanced Display And Sleeker Look

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Apple has revealed the all-new Apple Watch Series 7 along with iPhone13, AirPods 3, and iPad Mini (2021) model at the Apple California Streaming event on 14th September 2021.
While the latest Smartwatch from Apple will retain the same overall features, a couple of improvements have been made to its outer appearance.

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Improved User Interface

The Apple Watch Series 7 will have similar rounded edges to its predecessor but the screen area has increased owing to the thinner bezels. Technically, screen size will vary between 41mm and 45mm which is 20% bigger than the Apple Watch Series 6. The Apple Watch 7 design will fault a softer look with more rounded corners. The refractive edge technology will flawlessly connect the full-screen watch mode and other apps to the curvature of the watch.

Apple Releases The Watch Series 7 With An Advanced Display And Sleeker Look
Image Source: Apple

iOS 08 will feature an improved user interface which will facilitate readability and ease of use for the users. The Apple Watch Series 7 will have two watch faces to choose from- Contour and Modular Duo.

Apple Watch Series 7 will be the sturdiest Apple Watch to date, thanks to the tough, crack-resistant front crystal. Moreover, it will be the first-ever Apple Watch to be certified by IP6X for its dust-resistant technology while it will maintain the WR50 water resistance rating similar to its predecessor.

Faster Charging

Apart from improving display and screen size, the battery life has also been extended. Now users will get 18-hour battery life after you fully charge the watch. The new charging model and Magnetic Fast Charger USB-C Cable will charge the Watch 33% faster than the previous versions of the Apple Watch.

Health and Fitness

Apple’s next major smartwatch will retain the previous tools for improving health and wellness. Some of those laudable features are an electrical heart sensor, the ECG app, and the very useful blood oxygen sensor app.

The Mindfulness App, Sleep Respiratory Rate Tracker App, Tai Chi, and Pilates on Apple Watch Series 7 will definitely improve the health and overall wellness of users by monitoring their health and keeping them active throughout. Apart from this, the inclusion of ingenious features will make the Apple Wallet and Home App more accessible in common places where the users visit such as car, home, office, gym, and more.

Color Options

Apple Releases The Watch Series 7 With An Advanced Display And Sleeker Look
Image Source: Apple

Apple Watch Series 7 will have the dial-in three finishes- aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium; the aluminum case will be available in five color options- midnight, starlight, green, and a new blue and (PRODUCT)red. Apart from this, exciting color options are also available for the Apple Watch bands. These newly launched Apple Watch bands will also be compatible with the previously released models of the Apple Watch. Moreover, the all-new Apple Watch Series 7 will support all the previously launched Apple Watch bands to date.


Overall, Apple Watch has received some mild tweaks instead of a revolutionary transformation. However, it will be the best Apple Watch among all the Apple Watches once it is available in the fall.

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