Apple Smartwatch OS8: New Updates And Features Disclosed

GadgetsApple WatchApple Smartwatch OS8: New Updates And Features Disclosed

In June this year, Apple announced an upgrade in its smartwatch OS 8, and it got Apple users in a long queue. Apple smartwatch has already gained massive popularity with its trendy look and minimalistic design. Moreover, in the market of smartwatches, the Apple watch stood firm. No matter how many affordable and beautiful-looking smartwatches came into the market, nothing can beat the standards of the American multinational tech giant.

The new smartwatch is breaking records with its new features. So even though its official release date is still due, people have already started saving up for it. Wondering what is so special about a smartwatch except for the Apple tag (of course!)? Check out its features below.

Apple Smartwatch OS8: New Updates And Features Disclosed
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1. Apple Wallet Just Got A Whole Lot Better

For those of you who did not know about the existence of the Apple wallet, then here it is. Apple allows its users to make a contactless payments in stores and rides. This feature became all the more relevant after the pandemic hit various nations. In the latest version of the smartwatch, you can now lock and unlock your car and house lock with just one tap from your wrist. Want to know precisely how convenient this is?

Imagine walking to the parking lot with both your hands loaded with groceries and no one to help you with the car keys. This is where the digital keys from Apple come in handy. With just one tap on your Apple Watch, you can unlock your car and settle in comfortably without any problem. Moreover, Apple allows you to use digital keys for your home, office, other hotel rooms, etc.

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2. Owning A Smart Home Is Now Possible

Do you know why Apple 0S 8 is such big news? Because it is taking a significant step ahead into the future. It works on saving your energy and time so that you can focus on the essential things by automating your home and office life. Reduce your mundane tasks like switching on the lights, checking who’s on the doors, calling your children for dinner, etc., with one click.

Apple introduces an entirely new designed home screen where all the accessories is right in front of you. However, to get its full benefits, you have to install an automated home system that is well-integrated with your Apple smartwatch. For example, you have to install a HomePod mini and HomePod in individual rooms so that you can send messages to your family from your bedroom.

Apple Smartwatch OS8: New Updates And Features Disclosed
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3. Make Your Workouts Fun With Apple Smartwatch

Apple introduces two new workout movements called Tai Chi and Pilates. Both are targeted towards heart health, body fitness, and flexibility. Apple Smartwatch is also bringing in a dose of mindfulness by bringing in the breathe app. Earlier, people had a lot of time to stand still and think about themselves. This is not the case today and is definitely not something we can expect in the future.

With technology advancing so fast, we can only expect our lives to become more hectic, stressful, and pressured. As a result, peace and quiet may not be so easy to access. Keeping people’s mental health in mind, Apple has also introduced the Breathe app. It comes with another feature called Reflect, which, as self-explanatory it is, helps us reflect.

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4. Apple Smartwatch Will Help You Sleep Better

Set a pre-bedtime routine by getting the new Apple smartwatch. It consists of features that allow you to track your heart rate, number of hours you are asleep, blood saturation, etc. Moreover, the OS 8 goes a step further by tracking the number of breaths per minute to give you a detailed account of sleep and health.

Apple Smartwatch OS8: New Updates And Features Disclosed
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Apple smartwatch OS 8 looks better, feels better, and opens a wide-open future of possibilities for you. From helping you take care of your health, allowing you to control your home, unlock doors without even touching them, and much more. Furthermore, the pictures you click on your iPhone show up in a highlighted way on your iPhone. This is because Apple crops up unnecessary parts to a photo and keeps the critical subject on the screen.

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