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Turn On And Off Touch Indicator In Windows 11

How To Turn On And Off Touch Indicator In Windows 11

Touch Screen is a special feature that helps us to interact directly with the screen without using any external device like a mouse, keyboard,...
Troubleshooter In Windows 10

12 Common Problems In Windows 10 (With Solutions)

Windows 10 is amazing and has exciting features. With that exciting features, it will also have some bugs in it. Some People find it...
Menu Bar On Mac In Full Screen Mode

How To Keep The Menu Bar On Mac In Full Screen Mode

While using any app on your Mac, by default it will hide the menu bar. Again if you want to see the menu bar...
3 Reasons Why Apple AirPods 3rd Generation Is Not Worth It

How To Connect And Disconnect AirPods To Windows 11

In recent days, Microsoft is widening up to bring wideband speech support for the Airpods to windows 11. Just that, some of the features...

How To Enable And Disable Screenshot Editor In Google Chrome

Google development team is now working to improvise Google with the Screenshot tool and screenshot editor features, with a valuable edition. This feature is...

7 Methods To Fix iPhone Keeps Asking For Apple ID Password

Does your phone keep on asking for your Apple ID password? No matter how many times you type the password it keeps on asking,...
Tech Gadgets

15 Cool Tech Gadgets Worth Buying 2022

We all love the arrival of the new tech gadgets, which make our life more convenient and also entertaining. The coolest gadgets will always...