How To Use Emergency SOS Via Satellite On iPhone 14

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With the launch of the iPhone 14, Apple presented Emergency SOS via satellite for the first time in its ecosystem. You can use the feature to text emergency services and get yourself out of an unknown and desolate situation if you are in a position with no Wi-Fi or cellular reception. It significantly improves emergency services and raises the bar for all current smartphones. Here is all the necessary knowledge you require about the feature.

How Does Satellite Emergency SOS Work?

When your iPhone 14 device lacks cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, you can text or call emergency services using Emergency SOS via satellite.

To navigate you in the satellite’s path, Apple employs custom segments suffused in the iPhone 14’s core segments, hardware, and software. This facilitates antennas implanted in the iPhone 14 lineup to link directly to a satellite.

Once linked, the iPhone 14 device can transmit and receive messages from emergency services even when it is not in the cellular or Wi-Fi coverage range.

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Is it completely free to use?

Yes, for the time being. According to Apple, all iPhone 14 models will receive free satellite connectivity for the next two years. Users will likely be authorized a monthly or annual fee to resume utilizing the Emergency SOS feature. For the time being, the organization has not disclosed any pricing plans, so we will have to linger for an update.

Emergency SOS via satellite iPhone 14
Image Source: Apple

How does Emergency SOS communicate with satellites and emergency services?

Apple’s satellite connectivity implementation consists of four steps:

  1. Your iPhone establishes contact with a satellite.
  2. After that, the satellite reroutes to the bottom level.
  3. The bottom level then contacts the relay center.
  4. The relay center communicates information to emergency services.

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Using Apple’s Find My Network with SOS Satellite

Emergency SOS is using another trick via satellite. Your location will become visible to your companions and family because it can be transferred to Apple’s Find My network without requiring a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. If your satellite connection fails, your nearest people will be familiar with your prior location and be competent to report emergency assistance on your behalf.

How to use iPhone 14 to connect to a satellite

  • The iPhone 14 should be in your hand. There’s no need to hold the phone or raise your arm. However, avoid putting it in your pocket or bag.
  • Go into Emergency SOS mode.
  • To preclude a blocked alert, turn left or right while following the onscreen method.
  • You will be provided with the procedure to signify your iPhone in the direction of the satellite when a satellite is connected to your iPhone.
  • To receive a quicker response, respond to the screen’s questions.

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How to send a satellite text using the emergency SOS services

  • Even if the network for your regular cellular carrier is down, call emergency services. The call might be made using a satellite.
  • Send a text message to emergency services via satellite if your call is not answered.
  • By satellite emergency text, select it.
  • The Messages app can also be opened, and then you can text 911 or SOS and select Emergency Services.
  • Click on Report Emergency.
Emergency SOS via satellite iPhone 14
Image Source: Apple
  • Describe your situation in the onscreen prompts that appear.
  • You have the option of informing your designated emergency contacts of your location.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to establish a satellite connection.
  • Following the on-screen instructions to stay connected after connecting will allow you to send your message to emergency services.

You can communicate with the emergency responders once connected to the emergency services. As soon as you’re bound to them, you might be asked for your vital information, including your medical ID and emergency contact details. These emergency inquiries may also ask for information about your location and battery life.

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Availability of the Emergency SOS via satellite feature

  • Emergency SOS via satellite feature is subject to the following conditions for availability:
  • You need to have the latest iPhone 14 running on the upcoming iOS 16 software update releasing in November 2022.
  • This feature will work if you are in a place having no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Currently, the Emergency SOS via satellite feature will debut only in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Foreign residents visiting the U.S. and Canada will have access to the Emergency SOS via satellite, feature only if they have not purchased their iPhone in China mainland, Hong Kong, or Macao.
  • Emergency SOS via satellite won’t work in Guam or American Samoa.
  • Emergency SOS via satellite might not respond properly in locations above 62° latitude, such as northern parts of Canada and Alaska.

Satellite-based emergency alerts and your privacy

Satellite connectivity is subject to the same strict privacy rules as all other iPhone features and apps, as is well known. When using satellite connectivity to send messages, Apple encrypts and decrypts each message before sending it to the appropriate emergency services dispatcher or the emergency relay center.

Keep in mind that the services that receive your messages, as well as the relay provider, may keep them to enhance their offerings and adhere to legal requirements.

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