Location Services Not Working In macOS Ventura? [Fixed]

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Several macOS users are experiencing problems with the Location services as it is not working on Mac running on macOS Ventura. The current location cannot be determined and gives an error please try again later. Additionally, the Mac apps, such as Find My, Apple Maps, Weather, Voice Memo, Date & Time, and Widget, don’t display any data or incorrect information.

In this guide, we have discussed several troubleshooting methods to resolve location service issues on Mac machines running on macOS Ventura. This blog post lets you locate and read a specific issue and its resolution.

macOS Ventura location services not working

Mac location Showing Services in the incorrect location

Why does my MacBook assume I’m in a different city? There may be a problem if your Mac displays a different country, but, don’t be alarmed. To fix your Mac showing “I’m somewhere else,” follow the bottom instructions to turn off and on GPS.

Your computer will display the incorrect location if you are a fresh macOS user and have the Private relay option enabled. You should disable the private relay on your Mac to resolve the wrong location issue.

But, why does my Mac believe I’m at another location?

Sometimes, Apple uses a database of Wi-Fi routers observed by GPS-enabled devices like your Apple iPhones and reports to Apple multiple times to establish your location.

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How to fix Location Services Not Working in macOS Ventura

Enable Location service on macOS Ventura 

Make sure your Mac’s location service toggle is turned on so you may use it by installing both Apple’s native apps and third-party apps. Here are the steps to determine that the location service is enabled on macOS Ventura.

  • Select System Settings from the top menu by clicking the Apple logo.
  • Then choose Security & Privacy > Location Services.
  • Toggle the location services on and then turn on the location for any installed apps and services. Or click the More service link in the Details section.
  • On your Mac, enable accurate data and location-based services.
  • From the top Mac menu, select the Apple logo. Next, select System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Click the lock icon to unlock the window. unlock-location-service-option-on-mac-settings
  • Type your Mac login password. The location Service Option has been disabled. unlock-setting-on-mac
  • On your Mac, turn on the location services.
  • Afterward, tick the option next to Mac location service for installed apps.

macOS Ventura location services not working

If the location service setting still doesn’t function after being enabled in the macOS preferences, try the troubleshooting steps below to identify the problem.

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Reset the network settings on macOS Ventura

Moving ahead, we will now try to reset the network settings of the macOS running on macOS 13 Ventura. The steps to do it are described below.

macOS Ventura location services not working

  • First, select the Apple icon in the top bar.
  • Pick System Preferences from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Following that, select Network.
  • Select Edit Locations from the Location drop-down menu at the top.
  • Select the “+” sign to add a new place in the new window that appears.
  • Once you’ve chosen the same region, write USA here to enter a new location. Then click Done.
  • For the location services of your region to be saved, click the Apply button.

Disable/ Uninstall Antivirus

Antivirus software may occasionally disable the location service and limit access to the internet on your Mac machine in the interest of privacy. Allowing you to use geo-restricted internet browsing. Bugs in the antivirus software’s internal code can occasionally be fixed following an update. Assure that your antivirus software is up to date.

System cleaners should be removed if they are present since some Auto Mac Cleaner programs remove system files from the Mac operating system.

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Install macOS again

Installing macOS again on a Mac doesn’t impact the info saved on your Mac. However, update macOS on your computer. Use the below procedures to reinstall macOS in recovery mode without a USB drive or disc.

macOS Ventura location services not working

How to install macOS Ventura on M1 Mac

Wait 20 seconds after turning off your Mac.

Next, hold down the power button (Touch ID) until the Startup Volume and Options [Settings icon] appears on the screen on Mac.

Select Reinstall macOS under the choices [Settings icon] menu.

To install a fresh copy of macOS from the Apple Server, follow the setup instructions on-screen.

How to install macOS Ventura on Intel Mac

Restart your Mac after shutting it down.

When the “macOS Utilities” window appears, quickly press and hold Command + Option + R.

Choose Reinstall Mac OS > Continue after that.

That’s it. Just follow the macOS installation instructions that appear on the screen.

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In this guide, we have presented you with all the possible fixes to help fix the location service not working in macOS Ventura. Which of these methods worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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