Meta Introduced New Discovery And Personalization Features For Reels

NewsMeta Introduced New Discovery And Personalization Features For Reels
Meta Introduced New Discovery and Personalization Features for Reels
Meta Introduced New Discovery and Personalization Features for Reels

Facebook Reels is a short-form video feature that was launched by Facebook the prior year to compete with TikTok. Further, the popularity of Reels is steadily increasing, as evidenced by the fact that the rate at which people share Reels on Facebook has doubled over the past few months.

Lately, Meta has unveiled new features that make it even more effortless for users to discover and personalize Facebook Reels recommendations. In addition, the company has furthermore introduced other personalization controls for Reels that authorize users to customize the content they prefer to see more or less of in their feed.

Discover Relatable Reels Directly from the Main Navigation of Facebook Watch

Besides that, Meta has made it effortless for users to discover creators, current trends, as well as content that matches their appeals by integrating Reels into the main navigation at the top of Facebook Watch. With quick access to short-form videos, users can currently scroll seamlessly between reels and long-form videos while relishing videos on Facebook.

Facebook’s New Show More/Show Less Feature

You can now personalize the type of Reels you want to see more or less of on Facebook. This feature enables the social media platform to present you with content that aligns with your interests while avoiding less relevant videos. To utilize this feature, simply tap on the three-dot icon found at the bottom right of the video player, which will prompt two options, Show More and the other one is Show Less.

The purpose of this feature is to aid Facebook in obtaining direct user feedback, enabling the platform to improve the ranking of Reels and make it more aligned with user preferences. You can access this option by scrolling below Reels and videos in the Watch feed. By selecting “Show More” for a particular Reel, its ranking score, as well as similar Reels, will increase temporarily. Conversely, choosing “Show Less” will result in a temporary decrease in its ranking score.

Meta utilizes an AI model that is capable of analyzing the intent behind the “Show More/Show Less” actions in a nuanced way. The model takes relatively few data points to determine whether to prioritize or deprioritize specific content for a certain person. This feature is uniquely valuable because it authorizes people to directly tell Facebook what they want in their Feeds.

When building an AI model that could interpret the “Show More/Show Less” signals, Meta faced a difficult task. They said they were required to deduce intent and learn to generalize off of sparse data. For instance, someone clicks Show More/Show Less once a month, though they like as well as comment on posts most days. With rarer data points, Meta nonetheless required to train its model to forecast preferences and incorporate it with its present recommendation system.

Meta’s further added that their recommendation algorithms already utilize thousands of signals to surface content that people are most presumably to desire to see. The Show More/Show Less feature is uniquely advantageous because it authorizes people to directly tell Meta what they like in their Feeds on the platform.

Facebook’s New Contextual Labels for Reels

Facebook has introduced new Contextual Labels for Reels video player. This feature was first introduced in 2021 for social media posts and popular pages as well. Besides, these new labels will explain why a particular video is being shown to you. For instance, if you are seeing a particular Reel, Facebook will demonstrate that it is because one of your friends liked it.

The implementation of these new features will not only simplify content discovery for users but also boost the growth of Reels, leading to an increase in Meta’s ad revenue. Moreover, Meta has presented Meta Verified, a service similar to Twitter Blue that authorizes users to obtain a verified badge on their Instagram, Facebook, as well as WhatsApp, accounts through a subscription cost.

Finally, utilizing the platform’s intelligent ranking system and contextual labels, advertisers can efficiently target users with similar interests as their brand or product offerings, resulting in more engaging interactions and potentially boosting conversion rates. The incorporation of Reels into the Facebook app’s navigation system ensures a constant flow of user attention, making it an ideal investment for advertisers to maximize their visibility and impact.

Tarim Zia
Tarim Zia
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