Oscar Nominations 2023 – This Time Its Full Of Surprises

EntertainmentOscar Nominations 2023 - This Time Its Full Of Surprises

As usual, there are plenty of reasons to rejoice, shout, scream, and shake your darn head this morning in the light of the Oscar nominations. The enormous audible gasps this morning were probably directed at Andrea Riseborough. She unexpectedly launched an unstoppable Oscar campaign for her indie film “To Leslie” last month. Over the past two weeks, it seems like every prominent actress in Hollywood has been unable to stop gushing about her performance on the red carpet and in tweets. The big question of the day was whether it would all be worthwhile.

For artists of Asian heritage, this year has broken all previous records. There is room for Andrea Riseborough in the actress competition but not for Viola Davis or Danielle Deadwyler. Tuesday’s Oscar nominations top by the sci-fi smash “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.” While many other supposedly front-runners shockingly missed out.

It’s essential to keep in mind that your favorite movies haven’t changed at all over the years. You can still find it there, waiting for your next rewatch. However, the absence of an Oscar nomination does suggest that perhaps fewer people will see these films over the coming months. Here is a list of several films and performances that we are now disappointed may not have received the attention they deserved.

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Danielle Deadwyler for “Till”

oscar nomination 2023
The New Yorker

Another surprise was the lack of recognition for “Till” in the major categories. Despite the strength of its performances and its powerful portrayal of a significant moment in American history. Danielle Deadwyler gave a heartbreaking and powerful lead performance as Mamie Till. But unfortunately snubbed for the Best Actress nomination. This is a real shame as her performance was one of the most memorable of the year. Also, her portrayal of Mamie Till was both powerful and inspirational.

The film’s emotional climax is when Deadwyler’s Mamie Till gives a powerful and moving speech in a long, deeply powerful single take. It was particularly noteworthy and elevated the film far above any “tragedy” tropes. Overall, the lack of recognition for “Till” and Danielle Deadwyler’s performance is a real disappointment. And it’s a shame that fewer people may discover this powerful film and its performances.

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Viola Davis for “The Woman King”

oscar nomination 2023
Rotten Tomatoes

It is indeed a disappointment that both Viola Davis and Danielle Deadwyler were snubbed in the Best Actress category. Davis, in particular, had received nominations from every major precursor award. It also includes BAFTA, SAG, Critics Choice, and Golden Globes, for her role in “The Woman King”. This snub not only denies Davis the recognition she deserved for her powerful performance but also means that fewer people may discover the film and its other noteworthy elements such as its costume design.

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The snub for “The Woman King” is especially disheartening as it was a critical and commercial success, receiving rave reviews when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and achieving a strong box office performance. Also taken as a likely contender in several craft categories but ultimately failed to secure a single nomination. The lack of recognition for “The Woman King” and its performances is a real disappointment and, unfortunately, fewer people may discover this powerful and well-crafted film.

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Women are Overlooked in the best-director Category

oscar nomination 2023

The tradition of female directors winning the best director Oscar in consecutive years came to an end on Tuesday. When no women were nominated in that category. Among the biggest contenders was Gina Prince-Bythewood, whose action epic “The Woman King” received no nominations at all. Moreover, Charlotte Wells, who starred in “Aftersun,” Mescal, nominated for best actor, and Sarah Polley, whose movie “Women Talking,” received two nominations for best picture and adapted screenplay. Whilst,  Steven Spielberg, the creator of “The Fabelmans,” received his ninth nomination for best director, tying Martin Scorsese for second place in that category with 13 nominations.

Blockbuster Directors

oscar nomination 2023

The lack of recognition for the directors of Avatar (The Way of Water), Elvis, and Top Gun (Maverick) in the Best Director category of the Oscars this year has come as a surprise to many. Despite the popularity of these blockbusters, the Academy opted for a lineup of five nominees for Best Director that all came from arthouse movies. This decision appears to go against the notion that Oscar voters care mainly about ratings, as a narrative of “James Cameron against Steven Spielberg” narrative might have helped generate more interest. However, despite Joseph Kosinski of Top Gun: Maverick creating the lineup of five nominees from the Directors Guild of America, it was the AMPAS Directors Branch that chose to make the lineup an exclusively arty affair.

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“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”

oscar nomination 2023

It’s a shame that “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” didn’t receive the recognition it deserved from the Academy Awards. Despite, releasing for only a week in theaters, this movie was still an extremely popular crowd-pleaser. Janelle Monáe’s performance was particularly noteworthy and memorable, as she provided one of the most satisfying moments in the movie. Monáe’s character was a powerful force for justice, delivering a karmic retribution to an arrogant billionaire. Unfortunately, this performance got no Oscar nomination. Therefore, considered a disgrace given its quality and the positive response it received from viewers.

“Triangle of Sadness”

oscar nomination 2023

The Oscars 2021 provided movie fans with several surprises. One of the biggest was the exclusion of Dolly De Leon from the Best Supporting Actress race. Her performance in “Triangle of Sadness” was widely praised. And it appeared as though her brilliant portrayal of a resourceful woman in dire circumstances deserved an Oscar nomination. However, it was not to be. Despite the film receiving surprising nominations in major categories. Such as Best Director and Best Picture, De Leon ultimately missed out on a nod. This is a testament to the ever-changing nature of the Academy Awards and reminds us that popularity among voters is no guarantee of success in the competitive world of Oscar nominations.

Woman Talking – Best Ensemble Nomination

oscar nomination 2023
Entertainment Weekly

Ben Whishaw is one of the most underrated and overlooked actors in recent years. He has never been nominated for an Oscar despite his impressive body of work. This year, his chances of receiving a much-deserved nomination seemed bolstered by his performance in “Women Talking.” It is a film that managed to score a Best Ensemble nomination with the Screen Actors Guild. However, the Best Supporting Actor race was among the most competitive of the season. Along with a plethora of great options, ultimately Whishaw was not one of the lucky few to score a nomination.

In the Best Supporting Actress race. It was likely an even tougher battle, with two of the film’s stars, Claire Foy and Jessie Buckley. Both are likely to fight for the same votes and ultimately cancel each other out. It’s a shame that Whishaw didn’t receive the recognition he deserved this year, but hopefully, he will be given the proper recognition someday soon. He is a talented and versatile actor that deserves the recognition of his peers.

“The Fabelmans”

oscar nomination 2023

Paul Dano is one of the most acclaimed and beloved actors in Hollywood, yet he is still awaiting his first Oscar nomination. His performance in the 2019 film “The Fabelmans” received universal praise and had Oscar buzz hooked to it. However, his subtle and steady work went overshadowed by the show-stopping performance of his co-star, Judd Hirsch, who only had a minor role in the movie, but made an impact with his brief scenes.

Dano fans appeared disappointed to see him overlooked for the Oscar nod. Yet it’s undeniable that Hirsch delivered a standout performance. And made a lasting impression on viewers with his limited time on screen. It’s a shame that Dano didn’t gain the recognition he deserved for his role in “The Fabelmans.” But his career is far from over and there’s always a chance that he can still get his first Oscar nomination for future work.

“Decision to Leave”

oscar nomination 2023
Next Best Picture

Park Chan-Wook’s neo-noir Decisions to Leave may have failed to secure an Oscar nomination. Though, that doesn’t carry away from its grandness. It was nominated for Best Director at the BAFTA Awards. The film received massive praise from critics as one of the best films of 2022. It tells the story of a woman’s struggles with an inescapable decision. Because the stakes get increasingly higher and the tension increases. The film’s use of dialogue, cinematography, and plot structure creates a vivid and captivating experience, playing with structure and narrative in ways that keep the audience guessing until the very end. Despite its lack of any Academy Awards recognition, Decisions to Leave’s impact on the world of cinema will remain undeniable.

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