Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series Unpacked Today

NewsSamsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series Unpacked Today

Once again, Samsung hit the bullseye by launching the Galaxy Watch 4 Series. It is scheduled to release on August 29 this year and we can’t wait! The tech company has always strived for greatness through its innovative design and high-standard technology. Samsung has enhanced the tech market with its fantabulous devices within competitive prices starting from $249 and $349 for the Classic version.

Today, Samsung gave its competitors one more device to envy and its loyal customers to be proud of. The Samsung Watch 4 series looks highly captivating with both its aesthetic appeal as well as function. Given the enormous list of features, the Watch 4 series is coming with, it has invoked a burning desire among people to own it right away. So what makes the new Samsung smartwatch a winning streak in the smartwatch market in 2021?

Sleek And Customized Design

Samsung Watch 4 Series is redefining the word stylish with its circular frame and sophistication. It is closer to the wrist, thereby detecting your pulse rate and saturation level even more accurately. In today’s world functionality of a gadget is not enough. Therefore Samsung makes sure that its customers can wear their gadgets like the smartwatch and add an edge to their personality.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4
Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4 – Image Credit Samsung

To make this happen, Watch 4 comes with a multi-color wristband that is also interchangeable according to your closet. Moreover, it is strong and sweat-resistant that keeps your energy intact even after a hard day’s work. Samsung Galaxy 4 watch series is manufactured to cater to your needs and your wants. So, keeping your sense of fashion and personality in mind, they have also released up to four hundred watch faces to choose from.

A Stunning User Interface

This time Samsung has not limited itself with just the look of their smartwatch but has taken a step beyond to serve you. What do we mean by that? It has integrated advanced hardware of premium make, a mind-blowing operating system that works for YOU, and a stunning UI that makes scrolling and using the device a breeze.

Image source- Samsung

Cutting Edge Sleep Tracking

Smartwatches have revolutionized the way we function by doing our day-to-day tasks. They can track the steps we walk, count calories we burn throughout the day, the number of hours we sleep, and answer calls while lifting weight at the gym. Samsung Watch 4 series have taken these basic functions to a whole new level. Introducing the Samsung health experience that can record the quality of your sleep at night.

Many of us sleep for over eight to ten hours yet, wake up exhausted wondering why isn’t enough? With Samsung Watch 4, you can see exactly the number of hours you slept well, the number of hours you had poor quality sleep, and the number of breaths you took per minute. It is going to be that detailed and accurate. So that when you wake up, you know what to fix and how to without spending hours at the doctor’s waiting room.

Samsung Watch 4 Series Is Your Personal Coach

Whether you like biking or swimming or weight lifting, the new smartwatch will be there for you as your personal coach. Well, it is not really possible for everyone to afford a personal trainer and that too at a time and price you are comfortable with. With the new watch, this will not be a problem anymore so you have no excuse to post phone your healthy habits.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4
Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4 – Image Credit Samsung

Moreover, the watch comes with a long list of physical activities and workouts you can choose from. If you enjoy swimming, then tap the Swim option and if you thrive in running for hours, then go for it. Your Samsung smartwatch will track your steps, guide you and notify you with details about your health.

Body Composition Measurement

Our bodies are comprised of various components that we are not aware of. At times, there is an imbalance in these and we land at the hospital even before we realize what’s happening. Therefore, the Body composition measurement will make you more aware of your body’s composition.

Body Composition Measurement
Image Credit Samsung

The body composition measurement utilizes what is called BIA or biochemical electrolytes in the body. In simple terms, it gives us an accurate measurement of our body mass, muscle, and fat density. By knowing this every day, we will be able to make more informed decisions, adjust our diet and take better care of our bodies.

Integration With Google

Samsung is working closely with Google to bring the search engine on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4. This watch is the world’s first to do so which means users can now log in to Google Maps, Google Calendar, and other Google applications right from their wrists.


The Samsung Galaxy 4 Watch series allows you to create and track health and workout goals with friends and family. If you are one of those people who find it extremely difficult to stay motivated to exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then this application by Samsung is what will change your life. Moreover, now you can track your Blood Pressure, ECG, Sleep, and body composition mass all from one device. Do you know what’s even better?

Samsung has developed this ultra-powerful device by consulting and associating with various verified health organizations and medical experts. So you can be assured that your health is in safe hands as your smartwatch gives you an accurate measurement on a daily basis.

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