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How To Enable Or Disable Lock Screen Slideshow In Windows 11

8 Factors You Should Consider Before Buying A Laptop?

Here are some of the essential factors to keep in mind when planning for buying a laptop for yourself.The "work-from-home lifestyle" has become entirely...
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Buying Refurbished Laptop A Good Idea Or Not?

The price of a refurbished laptop is far lower than that of a brand new one, and a well-done refurbishment should not be noticeably...
buying new laptops

9 Mistakes We Do After Buying New Laptops

Buying new laptops or computers needs to adjust a few crucial settings to function at their full potential. A new laptop will have the...
How To Back Up Your Mac With Time Machine In macOS Ventura

7 Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop

Buying and choosing a laptop is not easy work. There are many options with different prices and also different specifications. Selecting the best with...

Top 5 High End Gaming Laptops in India

So what exactly makes a gaming laptop distinct from others? Is it the processor, the RAM, the graphics memory, or a little bit of...

5 Best Laptops under ₹25000 in India

5 Best Laptops under ₹25000/- in India Laptops are one of the most diverse electronic products out there. With tens of companies, hundreds of models, and...